Best of Salty is an upcoming DVD which contains five Salty episodes.


Meet the dockside diesel on Sodor, it's Salty! He is a dockside diesel who works at the docks with his friends and he is working with his friends on Sodor. He is at the docks with Porter, Cranky, Carly and Big Mickey. Have fun at the docks with Salty and his friends!


  1. Salty's Secret
  2. No Sleep for Cranky
  3. Salty's Stormy Tale
  4. Peace and Quiet
  5. Salty's Surprise
  6. Away From the Sea
  7. Flatbeds of Fear
  8. Salty All at Sea
  9. Cranky at the End of the Line
  10. New Crane on the Dock


  • Peace and Quiet is featured on this DVD, but Salty only has a minor role in this episode.
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