Best of Troublesome Trucks is a DVD containing episodes.


  1. Trouble for Thomas
  2. Foolish Freight Cars
  3. James in a Mess
  4. Percy Takes the Plunge
  5. Pop Goes the Diesel
  6. A Close Shave for Duck
  7. Trust Thomas
  8. Toad Stands By
  9. Busy Going Backwards
  10. Salty's Secret
  11. The World's Strongest Engine
  12. Spotless Record
  13. Fish
  14. Thomas' New Trucks
  15. Hector the Horrid
  16. James Works it Out
  17. No More Mr. Nice Engine
  18. Thomas the Quarry Engine
  19. Den and Dart
  20. Chucklesome Trucks


  • Pop Goes the Diesel and Salty's Secret were on this DVD, but the Troublesome Trucks had a minor role in these episodes.
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