Blacklake Yards (also known as Matoi's Yard) is a medium-sized shunting yard situated next to Blacklake station. Blacklake Sheds are located in this yard. Matoi lives and works here.

Blacklake Yards


The Railway Series

Blacklake Yards were first opened in 1870 when the Blacklake and Suddery Railway was constructed. In 1915, the yards passed into the ownership of the Southern Railway.

At some point between 1924-1925, Ryouma accidentally ran into the yards with some Troublesome Trucks. Stoick the Vast then reallocated Ryouma here from Vicarstown to gain more experience. After rescuing Asterix with the Breakdown Train, Ryouma was reallocated to his own branch line and, shortly thereafter, Thomas became the yard's main shunter.

When Diesel visited the Island in 1957, Brody temporarily helped Edward look after the yard.

Thomas & Friends In The Legend In Viking Railway

When Thomas saved Percy from being hit by Ryouma, she was awarded her new coaches here.

Later, Riki worked in this yard while Tyson was working at Wood Wool Docks.


The Railway Series 

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