Story 2/8 for Branch Line Problems.

On some branch lines, things are easy and can be controled, but on Edward's Branch Line, its not so easy because the branch line starts at Wellsworth, and ends at Brendam Docks. One day, Boco was leaving the Dieselworks when Diesel 10 wanted to chat with him.

Diesel 10: "Hey Boco, where are you going?"

Boco: "I'm going to Wellsworth, to work on Edward's Branch Line."

Diesel 10: "Well, that's the last place I would go to. Besides, what makes it so special?"

Boco: "Listen Diesel 10, I know what your trying to do. You may think what you want to, but I'm not going to listen to you. Your a troublemaker."

Diesel 10 left the Dieselworks.  . Cranky was very busy indeed. Salty was also busy too; he had to pull the Troublesome Trucks and gets the trains ready. Diesel 10 made sure no one was looking, and then did his plan. He went up to yell at Cranky.

Diesel 10: "Hey Cranky. You need to send Boco to Misty Island."

Cranky: "Why?"

Diesel 10: "Because the Fat Controller told me to tell you that."

And off he went, feeling pleased with himself. Later that day Boco was really sent to Misty Island and luckily knew how to get back to sodor. When he came back, the Fat Controller was cross at Boco for leaving when he was to be working. Diesel 10 slipped off when the conversation was over. He went back to the Dieselworks feeling proud of what had happened today. But would he be found out, but that was another story.

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