Branchline Stories is an upcoming US/UK/AUS DVD. The DVD Is Coming December 5,2016 It will contain six episodes from the nineteenth season. It will feature two episodes in the UK and one fourteenth season episode and one sixteenth season in AUS and three episodes from the nineteenth season in AUS as the bonus episodes.



Join Thomas and his friends who work on branch lines. Timothy just gets Bill and Ben to trick while Marion has shoveled and Salty and Porter clean up the mess. The new baby comes to Sodor and the mommy takes the baby in the coach while the mountain is on the other side of Sodor. Hiro has an accident while soon he gets to the Steamworks for repairs when Thomas gets upset about Hiro's accident and Rocky has had an accident and Thomas, Belle, Flynn, Harold and Butch while Captain had a water practice and he rescues Henry while Percy hears some workmen and Sir Topham Hatt leaves the Island of Sodor. Join Thomas and his friends who work hard.


Join Thomas and his friends who work on branch lines. Timothy just gets no help at all while the mountain is something at the jungle quest and adventures and Percy hears some workmen while the Fat Controller leaves the Island of Sodor. Join the engines who work hard.



  1. Sidney Sings
  2. Toby's New Friend
  3. Henry Gets The Express
  4. Diesel And The Ducklings
  5. Bradford The Brakevan
  6. Hasty Hannah
  7. Bubbling Boilers
  8. Nelson Gets Carried Away
  9. Saving Time

10. Daniel and the Christmas Rescue

11.Thomas And The Easter Egg Hunt

12.Logan And The Big Blue Engines

13.Hunter The Mean Engine

14. The BlueStreak

15.Thomas And The Winter Resuce

Bonus Features


  • Let's Go sing along music video
  • Spring is Here sing along music video
  • The Best Friends Express sing-along song
  • 10 Life Lesson Shorts - Rocky Rescue, Two Wheels Good, Philip to the Rescue, Den and Dart, A Cranky Christmas, Best Engine Ever, Reds vs. Blues, Who's Geoffrey?, Very Important Sheep and Helping Hiro
  • 20 Character Shorts - Percy, Philip, Yong Bao, Rajvi, Carlos, Flying Scotsman, Fredia, Shane, Vinnie, Shooting Star Gordon, Rajiv, Emily, Ethinee, Axel, Thomas, Ashima, Gina, Ivan, Raul and Henry
  • Guess Who Puzzles? - Percy, Timothy and Sir Topham Hatt


  • Bubbling Boilers, Wild Water Rescue and Sidney Sings (Bonus Episodes)
  • The Earl's Quiz - Kevin's Cranky Friend and Thomas and the Runaway Kite and Emily Saves the World and Express Coming Through
  • The Great Race Trailer 2 and Start Your Engines! Trailer
  • Sir Topham Hatt's Tales - Millie


  • Who's That Engine? - Salty
  • Mr. Perkins' Story Time - Trouble in the Shed
  • Mr. Perkins' Postcard - The China Clay Pits
  • Very Important Sheep and Den and Dart (Bonus Episodes)


  • Sir Topham Hatt's Tales from Caitlin is featured in Calm Down Caitlin and Best Engine Ever.
  • The front cover features the Steam Team
  • The back cover features Thomas and Percy.
  • Landmarks of Sodor is shown by Start Your Engines!.
  • Sir Topham Hatt's Tales is shown by Tales on the Rails.
  • The Earl's Quiz is shown by Dinos and Discoveries and Signals Crossed.
  • The Great Race is amused this year.
  • James, Hiro, Stephen and The Great Railway Show Diesels do not receive videos on their own.
  • This is the first US/AUS DVD to have the new intro.
  • This is the first US DVD to have the new Season 19 intro. 
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