Breakfast! is the pilot episode of Tales of the LNWR. It will be released in April 2020.


After Henry's breakfast accident in 2008, Henry was alone in the steamworks. Gordon and Michael had taken over his duties, and he was missing his coaches. Thomas came by to cheer him up, and told him the incident that happened to him. And this was the story that Thomas told...

In 1960, thirty-six years after Thomas recieved his branchline, Thomas's driver joked that because Thomas knew the branchline so well, he could drive without him. Thomas boasted it about it that evening, much to Percy and Toby's dismay. Toby claimed that he would never go without his driver, in which Thomas retorted him.

The next day, the firelighter came to light up Thomas's boiler. Thomas then decided to go without his driver just a few metres outside the shed. After that, Thomas tried to stop, but he couldn't. Then, he crashed into the stationmaster's house. The station master was furious, but the wife was more furious. After Donald and Douglas had helped Thomas out, Sir Topham Hatt II sent Thomas to the works, and then said that he would put a diesel railcar on trial to help Thomas's branchline while Thomas was away.

Back in 2008, Thomas then told Henry that things would turn out much better after he would return from the works. And they were; Gordon had a prediciment with trucks, and was sent to the works. Henry carried on with his duties in the yards.


In order of important roles

In present

In the flashback (1960)


In present

In the flashback (1960)


  • George Ignatchenko as Thomas, Percy and Michael
  • Thomas 'Edward' Henry as Gordon, Percy and Sir Topham Hatt II
  • Matteo as Henry
  • Tines Sensahthe as Toby
  • Andrew Homer as James
  • Ringo Starr as Stationmaster's Wife and Thomas for a split moment (archive recording)


  • This episode marks the first of several things:
    • The first episode of the entire series.
    • The first episode to use archive recording from the TV series.
  • This episode is set between David Hodgin's 'Henry Comes To Breakfast' and 'Gordon's Prediciment' meaning that this series is canon to David Hodgin's universe.
  • The flashback from this episode would be re-used in Tales of the LNWR: The Adventure Never Ends.
  • The flashback is set in 1960.
  • WTLnetwork's 'Breakfast' song is used in this episode as a small joke.
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