Brewster Leads the Way is the fourth episode of [4|]Season 32.


The Chug Engineer Center's generator was broken. Zack sets Brewster the task of taking the new generator from Brendam Docks to the center. He is given a team of Wilson, Calley, Paxton, Emily and Chatsworth. On the journey,Chatsworth overheats and Paxton runs out of fuel, Emily takes them to the Diesel Works. Then Vee called Wilson and Calley to have a job. Salty rounds up a team consists of Philip, Zephie, Percy, Bill and Ben to help. They cannot push the machine, so Brewster makes them sing a song so they push together, like Zack does when they work. They soon get the generator to the center and Zack asks Brewster to take Chuggineer's job sometimes.


Brewster's Team was first consist of expirenced chuggers but at the end his Team Consists of Trainees.

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