Britain's Got More Talent (often shortened to BGMT) is a companion sister show that is broadcast on ITV2, hosted by Stephen Mulhern and is aired after each episode of Britain's Got Talent since the main show began in June 2007.


Hosted by Stephen Mulhern (with occasional appearances by Ant & Dec), the programme operates in a similar manner to the former spin off show The Xtra Factor (the companion show of The X Factor), in that it features interviews with contestants and behind-the-scenes footage, though what is shown depends on what the main show is focused on during its broadcast. When the auditions stage is being broadcast, its sister show focuses on highlights of acts that couldn't be shown on the main show, with Mulhern operating in a similar manner to Ant & Dec by viewing the performances in the wings and giving comments, as well as interviewing contestants before and after their performance. When the main show begins broadcasting live episodes, its sister show conducts live "after-show" episodes, featuring interviews with the semi-finalists/finalists, as well as chatting with the judges.

In addition to this format, each year also sees Britain's Got More Talent broadcasting a special set of compilation episodes featuring the best and worst auditions from that year's contest, titled Britain's Got Talent: Best and Worst, which are presented by Mulhern who introduces each clip shown.

On 7 October 2019, Simon Cowell announced that Britain's Got More Talent would no longer be broadcast on ITV2, but instead shifted onto online platforms and thus provide more focus towards Britain's Got Talent. The decision was made due to changes in viewing habits from the sister show's target audience.

Series Overview

Season number Year Presenter(s) No. of episodes
Series 1 2007 Stephen Mulhern 9
Series 2 2008 Stephen Mulhern 13
Series 3 2009 Stephen Mulhern 13
Series 4 2010 Stephen Mulhern 13
Series 5 2011 Stephen Mulhern 13
Series 6 2012 Stephen Mulhern 13
Series 7 2013 Stephen Mulhern 13
Series 8 2014 Stephen Mulhern 13
Series 9 2015 Stephen Mulhern 13
Series 10 2016 Stephen Mulhern 13
Series 11 2017 Stephen Mulhern 13
Series 12 2018 Stephen Mulhern 13
Series 13 2019 Stephen Mulhern 14
Series 14 2020 Stephen Mulhern 13
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