Britain's Got Talent

(An instrumental version of Sometimes You Make a Friend plays)

(As Ant is speaking, the scene shows the London Bridge and then the outside of the London Palladium)

Ant: Welcome back to Britain's Got Talent. The last acts of the series have auditioned all hoping to grab a place in the live semi-finals.

(The scene fades to Ant, Dec and the MerseyGirls standing behind the palladium stairs)

Ant: And now they've all been gathered here at the famous London Palladium where all 182 acts are about to be whittled down to 40.

Julia: But all that stands between the acts and a place in the live semi-finals is the judges.

Dec: They are going to reveal who is made it to the live semi-finals. And who is heading home..... and leaving the competition for good.

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