Britain's Got Talent: The Champions is a spin-off of Britain's Got Talent, a British talent competition series, which began broadcasting on ITV on 31 August 2019. The spin-off is based on a similar format to that of America's Got Talent: The Champions, in that it features a selection of notable winners, finalists and participants from across the history of Britain's Got Talent and other international versions within the Got Talent franchise, who achieved fame based on their results, all of whom compete in a series of preliminaries to secure a place in the grand final and a chance to win a large prize. The series averaged 5.84 million viewers across the 6 episodes.


Following the success of America's Got Talent: The Champions in early-2019, Simon Cowell opted to create a similar spin-off competition for Britain's Got Talent, which, along with the same subtitle, would operate under the same format. Production was green-lighted by the broadcaster ITV, with the contest taking place between July and August of the same year, and using the same presenters and panel of judges as the regular show. Much like the American spin-off, the episodes of the first series were pre-recorded - filming of the spin-off took place during the contest's operation, with production staff editing the finalised footage for full broadcast over a weekly basis, towards the end of the Summer TV schedule that year. However, the episodes of the second series were entirely live, similarly to the regular show's semi-final format.

Contest overview

Around 45 participants from across the Got Talent franchise, ranging from winners, live round participants - both quarter-finalists (where applicable) and semi-finalists - and other notable acts, participated during The Champions contest in 2019 and 2020, with each of the contest's preliminaries featuring around 9 participants.


Series 1 (2019)

Semi-final 1 (31 August)

  1. Ashleigh and Sully
  2. Bello and Annalise Nock
  3. Connie Talbot
  4. The Nelson Twins
  5. Bad Salsa
  6. Kseniya Simonova
  7. Boogie Storm
  8. The Sacred Rianna
  9. Paul Potts

Both Kseniya Simonova and Bello and Annaliese Nock advanced through to the final.

Semi-final 2 (7 September)

  1. 100 Voices of Gospel
  2. Lost Voice Guy
  3. Alexa Lauenburger
  4. Paul Zerdin
  5. Gao Lin & Liu Xin
  6. Antonio Sorgentone
  7. MerseyGirls
  8. Deadly Games
  9. Jai McDowall

Both Alexa Lauenburger and MerseyGirls advanced through to the final.

Semi-final 3 (14 September)

  1. Richard Jones
  2. Mayyas
  3. DJ Arch Jr.
  4. Jack Carroll
  5. Paddy and Nico
  6. Richard and Adam
  7. The Fire
  8. Darcy Oake
  9. Cristina Ramos

Both Paddy and Nico and Darcy Oake advanced through to the final.

Semi-final 4 (21 September)

  1. George Sampson
  2. Bonnie Anderson
  3. Issy Simpson
  4. Mirror Family
  5. Tape Face
  6. Preacher Lawson
  7. Stavros Flatley
  8. Colin Thackery
  9. Billy and Emily England

Both Stavros Flatley and Preacher Lawson advanced through to the final.

Semi-final 5 (28 September)

  1. Daliso Chaponda
  2. DM-X Comvaleñoz
  3. Ben Hart
  4. Alex Magala
  5. Bars & Melody
  6. Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh
  7. Vicki Barbolak
  8. Twist and Pulse
  9. Collabro

Final (5 October)

  1. Bars and Melody
  2. Preacher Lawson
  3. Kseniya Simonova
  4. Darcy Oake
  5. MerseyGirls
  6. Bello and Annalise Nock
  7. Twist and Pulse
  8. Alexa Lauenburger
  9. Stavros Flatley
  10. Paddy and Nico

Series 2 (2020)

Show 1 (29 August)

  1. Shim Lim
  2. Josephine Lee
  3. Bianca Ryan
  4. Attraction
  5. Old Men Grooving
  6. Lost Voice Guy
  7. Gruffydd Wyn
  8. Trip Hazard
  9. Jules O'Dwyer and Matisse

Both Trip Hazard and Lost Voice Guy advanced through to the final. Josephine Lee advanced via wildcard.

Semi-final 2 (5 September)

  1. Robert White
  2. Colin Thackery
  3. Deadly Games

Both Colin Thackery and Deadly Games advanced through to the final.

Semi-final 3 (12 September)

Semi-final 4 (19 September)

Semi-final 5 (26 September)

  1. Diversity
  2. Darci Lynne
  3. Craig Ball
  4. Beau Dermott
  5. Kristy Sellars
  6. MerseyGirls
  7. Justice Crew
  8. Angels Inc.
  9. Uncle Jed

Both MerseyGirls and Darci Lynne advanced through to the final. Craig Ball advanced via wildcard.

Final (3 October)

  1. Lost Voice Guy
  2. Issy Simpson
  3. Josephine Lee
  4. Bello and Annalise Nock
  5. Darci Lynne
  6. Colin Thackery
  7. Francine Lewis
  8. Donchez Dacres
  9. Deadly Games
  10. Trip Hazard
  11. Craig Ball
  12. MerseyGirls

Series Overview

Episode name Air Date Presenter(s) No. of episodes Winner
Series 1 2019 Anthony McPartlin
Declan Donnelly
6 Twist and Pulse
Series 2 2020 Anthony McPartlin
Declan Donnelly
6 MerseyGirls



Britain's Got Talent 2019 The Champions 1st Round Auditions Intro

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