Dec: Welcome back to the final of Britain's Got Talent: The Champions 2020 where the final 10 are battling it out to be the next ultimate champion.

Ant: Our next act of the finale is a funny ventriloquist who was the Super Fans' favourite on last week's show. And on top of that, there's someone who doesn't like Petunia. Isn't that right, Stevie?!

(The scene cuts backstage)

Petunia: La la la la la!

Stephen Mulhern: Stop it! Literally unbelievable.

Darci Lynne: Sorry, Mulhern.

Stephen Mulhern: You'd better do better, Petunia.

Petunia: Laaaa!

(Stephen punches Petunia in the arm)

Petunia: Ow.

(Darci laughs)

(The scene cuts to the stage)

(Dec laughs)

Ant: Douche!

Dec: Douche. It's Darci Lynne.

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