Bubba Wheelhouse is a next-generation Piston Cup racer. His number is 6, and he is sponsored by Transberry Juice. He is a Next-Gen 2017 Race Car SA-3. He takes over the Transberry Juice sponsorship from Markus Krankzler after the latter got fired.


In Cars 3, Bubba debuts at the Rustbelt Raceway and finishes in seventh place. At the Georgia Super Speedway, he finishes in fifth place. He finishes in fifteenth place at the Heartland Motor Speedway. In the Los Angeles 500, he starts in nineteenth, where he starts out in fifteenth behind Chase Racelott. Before the Florida 500, Bubba is interviewed on where he thinks Lightning McQueen might be, and he says that it is probably best if Lightning does not appear due to the end of last season. During the Florida 500, a wreck starts due to Cam Spinner losing control, and Bubba is seen maneuvering through the wreck with McQueen. After Cruz Ramirez wins the Florida 500, Bubba does the blinker joke on Cruz rather than congratulating her. He finishes in twentieth place.


  • Bubba Wallace


  • Cars 3
  • Huge Galaxy! Huge Adventure! The Movie
  • Thomas and the Big Race

Profiles and statistics

  • Bios
    • "Bubba Wheelhouse is a next-generation racer who has been racing nearly all his life and has been one of the youngest victors on the speedway. He runs a fast-and-furious but has his eyes on the prize. He is a champion for diversity, believing that all race cars deserve a lane on the track."


  • Bubba is named after his voice actor, whom races frequently in the Xfinity Series and took over the #43 car in real life when the previous driver (Aric Almirola) got an injury that prevented him from driving for several months.
  • Bubba's die-cast concept shows that he has the number 6 on his sides. However, for some reason, he has the number 63 on his roof.
  • On a promotional poster, he is named Bubba Wheelhouse, Jr.
  • In around 2016/2017, his voice actor was just an Xfinity racer (before Aric Almirola's crash), not like the other NASCAR voice actors who were in the NASCAR Cup.
  • Among the four next-generation racers who are based on real race car drivers, Bubba has the worst race performance in the Florida 500.


Mattel Disney Cars 3 Bubba Wheelhouse (Next Gen Transberry Juice 6) Piston Cup Racer Wallace

Mattel Disney Cars 3 Bubba Wheelhouse (Next Gen Transberry Juice 6) Piston Cup Racer Wallace

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