Story 3/8 of Favorite Places, Favorite Faces

Characters: Buster, George, Miss Jenny, Kelly, Nevlie (does not speak), Jack (cameo), Byron (cameo), and Ned (cameo)

On the rails, there's always an adventure. But on the roads, there are also adventures too. One day, the Pack were fixing some of the roads. Buster was the only steamroller that they had, so they asked George to help them. George was making rude remarks about how things were going because his day had started out bad.

George: "The minute I am done working here, I'll show the rest of them how bad railways are."

Buster: "George, if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all."

George: "That's nothing but rubbish!"

Kelly: "Today has started out bad, but forget about it. You must pay more attention to what's going on George."

George: "Be quiet Kelly."

Kelly was speechless. They were soon fixing some roads at Great Waterton. George was very quiet when they even went to work on the other roads. The last road that was repaired that day was a crossing. George got a chance to quietly, make the road part of the crossing smooth so no one could trace it back to him. He felt so alive, that he could feel as good as the baking sun. The next day George was able to take a break and relax until someone needed him. Meanwhile, Nevlie was pulling some diesel fuel that was going to the Dieselworks. The crossing he was puffing over was paved by George! All of a sudden, as if someone made a dent on him, he crashed out of control. Later, Miss Jenny came to see George. she was not happy

Miss Jenny: "You caused a derailment today. You haven't even thought of how inportant this railway is. You will be working with us until Sir Topham Hatt can trust you again. If an accident happens that is simular to this one, there will be an added week added on to the punishment."

George only felt dumb and went to sleep angerily.

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