Cam Spinner is American racing car. He is high-tech next-generation Piston Cup racer sponsored by Triple Dent, bearing the number 31.


Cam Spinner is American high-tech next-generation racing car. He makes his debut in the Piston Cup Racing Series midway through the 2016 season, as racer of Triple Dent racing team replacing Terry Kargas. He makes his debut at the Heartland Motor Speedway and finishes in eighteenth place.During 2017 season Florida 500 race at Florida International Super Speedway, Cam Spinner is starts at twenty-third position and then moves up into fifteenth position. Next, Spinner causes a crash by pushing himself too hard trying to get faster and pass other racers, thus blowing his rear tire. He spins out of control and hits Tim Treadless and Juice Drivewheel. They slide across the track and hit other cars. Then he slides toward the wall, hitting Steve "Slick" LaPage in the process. After that, he goes airborne and hits Harvey Rodcap when he gets back on the ground. He was severely damaged and does not finish the race.

Physical description

Rodcap is racing stock car of Piston Cup high-tech next-generation cars. He has a blue livery, with white stripes on his hood, spoiler, roof and side backs and racing number 31 painted on his roof and doors. He has the Lightyear racing tires. He has blue eyes.

Appearances in video games

Cars 3: Driven to Win

In Cars 3: Driven to Win, Cam Spinner is an unlockable playable character in Cars 3: Driven to Win. Like most of the playable characters, he is unlocked by completing an uncertain amount of skill checks.


  • Cars 3
  • Cars 3: Driven to Win

Names in other languages

  • Polish: Gwiazda Kopeć


  • Cam Spinner's name is similar to that of Cad Spinner from Planes: Fire & Rescue.
  • Early concept art of Cam depicts him with the number 2 instead of 31.
  • Racing number 31 has also: Terry Kargas and Dusty Roadmeister.


Mattel Disney Cars 3 Cam Spinner (Triple Dent 31 Next-Gen) Piston Cup Racer

Mattel Disney Cars 3 Cam Spinner (Triple Dent 31 Next-Gen) Piston Cup Racer

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