Can't Catch Kokois the first episode of [1|]Season 32.


Harrison breaks down in Vicarstown Station while making a delivery run to Chuggington and Calley comes and tows him in. After it becomes apparent that someone else needs to take over the delivery run, Sir Topham Hatt and Vee begin to discuss it. Koko, intimidated, asks if she could do it. But Sir Topham Hatt and Vee say that Wilson and Brewster have to help, too. Koko reluctantly agrees.

Later, Wilson, Brewster and Koko begin their journey, but Koko says, "Can't Catch Koko!" and goes too far. While Brewster and Wilson continue to go ahead, she comes out from behind a tree and scares them. But when they begin to leave, Koko can't move. Unfortunately for her, Wilson and Brewster never noticed, so she was stuck.

At the next station, Brewster and Wilson discover that Koko is not following them. Realising Koko runs out of fuel, they hurry off. When they find her, Wilson takes Koko home, while she apologises for her behavior.

At Chuggington, Vee says that Brewster singlehandedly delivered all the mail on time, and is spending the night at different sheds. Wilson and Koko feel proud, and thus the story ends.



  • This is based on Chuggington's episode, and some plots are changed.
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