Carlos is a small Mexican tender engine who has competed in the Great Railway Show, every year since the event's inception. He competed in the best decorated parade.


Thomas & Friends

Carlos first participated in the very first Great Railway Show, competing in the strength competition. He ended up winning this event.

Carlos continued to compete in the Great Railway Show every year. When the show was being held in England, he competed in the best decorated parade. He competed against Yong Bao, Rajiv, James and Emily, but ended up losing the event to Rajiv. Later, as he was refilling his tender with coal, Carlos was forced to reverse when Philip was trying.

After the Great Railway Show ended, Carlos left the Mainland and returned to Mexico.

Carlos later met Ace in Mexico. He greeted and asked him where he was going, as Ace was being carried on a flatbed by Thomas and Nia.


Carlos is a proud and happy steam engine from the heart of Mexico. Always wearing a smile, this engine is the life and soul of the Great Railway Show. Originally competing and winning the strongest engine race at the very first Great Railway Show, this engine continues to please the crowds and is now taking part in the Best Decorated Engine Parade.


Thomas & Friends


Voice Actors

  • David Bedella (UK/US; The Great Race only)
  • Gabriel Porras (UK/US; Big World!, Big Adventures! onwards)
  • Jun'ichi Kanemaru (Japan)
  • Roberto Mendiola (Latin America)
  • Joachim Kretzer (Germany; The Great Race only)
  • Jens Wendland (Germany; Big World! Big Adventures! onwards)
  • Grzegorz Kwiecień (Poland)
  • Petri Hanttu (Finland)
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