Cassia is a rolling portal crane who works at Rio De Janeiro docks in Brazil. She is good friends with Gabriela.


Cassia is a strong and steady crane, who moves cargo carefully from ships onto the trucks of waiting trains (albeit not without the occasional scrape). She enjoys working to a musical rhythm, such a the Batucada and Bossa nova tunes of Brazil. When there is no music, she will find her own from sounds around the docks!

Technical Details


Cassia is based on a Chinese portal crane built by Krane, which is extensively used to load and unload at ports and material handling at shipyards and metallurgy industry. Carly is another member of this class.


In Big World! Big Adventures! Cassia is painted red with yellow hazard stripes along the underside of her body. Her cab roof is blue, as are her safety rails and access steps.

As of the twenty-third series, she has been repainted orange with the yellow hazard stripes underneath her body remaining, as well as the blue safety railings and access steps.



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