CeCe is a periwinkle light rail vehicle who works on Toby's line. She arrived during Diesel, Sidney and Paxton's strike. is a  


CeCe was more than likely built by the Dockland Light Railway in 1970 as a prototype for the EMU fleet and was once kept at a workshop. 

In 2021, The Mayor of Sodor had opened up a few run down houses and had them refurbished to sell. That meant more passengers for Toby and Henrietta. Work was hard. After Diesel, and his younger brothers, Sidney and Paxton proved themselves to be really useful, Sir Topham Hatt promoted them to pulling passengers on the branch line, which Diesel took as an insult as he says that diesels are "revolutionary" and should be treated with respect. Therefore Diesel, Sidney and Paxton went on strike in protest of the fact that they weren't allowed to pull special trains that the steamies had the luxury of doing, Sir Topham Hatt decided that the railway needed a spare engine to help Toby. Going to the engine workshop, the Fat Controller saw a light rail train and when the engine confirmed she was willing to work hard, Sir Topham Hatt bought her and named her CeCe. Bringing her back to Sodor, CeCe was charged with helping Toby and Brandon and was initally going to leave, but after proving to be even more really useful, she was allowed to stay even when Diesel, Jaakko ,Sidney Norman,Dennis, Paxton,Den,Dart,Splatter,Dodge, Arry and Bert surrendered. Here is how she proved herself worthy. Toby was later waiting at Tidmouth, but forgot to ring his bell to the signalman, and thus was startled when Dart came running towards him with a six coach train. Dart managed to stop in time, but Toby was so frightened, he ran away, and ended up in a sandbank. He was rescued by CeCe and the two engines are now good friends. As a reward for her rightdoings, she was repainted periwinkle. 


CeCe is sweet and kind. Despite being a diesel  tram, she and Toby get along fine and helps whenever she is needed. 


CeCe is based on the Dockland Light Railway's 1987 DLR EMU. 


  • The story takes place in 2021. It would have been too early for CeCe's basis to come. 
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