Christopher Vere Awdry (born 2 July 1940)[1] is an English author known for his contributions to The Railway Series of books featuring Thomas the Tank Engine, which was started by his father, the Rev. W. Awdry (1911–1997). He has also produced children's books based on a number of other railways, as well as non-fiction articles and books on heritage railways. He was born at Devizes, the family moving to Kings Norton, Birmingham when he was aged 5 months. Awdry was educated at Worksop College, a public school in North Nottinghamshire.

Episodes Written

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4

Series 5

Series 6

Series 7

Series 11


The Railway Series

Companion Volumes


  • The Thomas the Tank Engine Man
  • The Making of Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Run! Thomas & Friends "Steam Locomotive is Alive"
  • 70 Years of Friendship
  • Secret Journey of Thomas the Tank Engine

Voice Actors

  • Ryūji Nakagi (Japan; Run! Thomas & Friends "Steam Locomotive is Alive")


  • Christopher and his wife, Diana Awdry, founded Sodor Enterprises in 2001 to publish and sell his books.
  • Christopher Awdry wrote a book promoting restoration work on the Corris Railway, based on real events called "Hugh goes Sliding". It was illustrated by railway transport artist Johnathan Clay.
  • Christopher has stated that his favourite character is Toby.
  • Christopher's opposition to the new format versions of the Railway Series in 1998, but Egmont Publishing has published the books. As a result, the new format was discontinued and scrapped due to negative feedback.
  • In Sodor: Reading Between the Lines, he stated that Thomas Goes Fishing, Dirty Objects, Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady and Thomas Comes to Breakfast were some of his favourite stories. He also added that Thomas Goes Fishing and Thomas Comes to Breakfast were also some of his father's favourite stories as well.
  • Sodor Island Fansite (SiF) planned to interview Christopher in August 2011 but unfortunately, it was cancelled.
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