Story 2/8 of Favorite Places, Favorite Faces.

Characters: Edward, Sir Topham Hatt, Den, Dart (does not speak) Molly (cameo), James (cameo), Gordon (cameo), Henry (cameo), Thomas, and Percy (cameo).

Winter can be enjoying to some, and a threat to others. Edward loved working in any weather because he enjoyed working and feeling really useful. One cold winter day, Sir Topham Hatt came to Tidmouth Sheds, he had some very important news.

Sir Topham Hatt: "There's a cold front coming in from the Mainland today. All of you must be careful and try to make the best decisions too."

The engines were soon hard at work, including Edward. Edward did some shunting, delivered engine parts to the Dieselworks, and finally, delivered some slate to Miss Jenny.

Den: "Thank you Edward. . I would like to speak with your driver and fireman."

Edward: "Okay."

When Den returned, he had some important news for Edward.

Den: "The cold front is very dangerous to people, so, you will have to stay here for the night. In the morning, Thomas will come to take you back to Tidmouth Sheds."

Edward: "That sounds good to me."

But that night, as he first watched the others go home to their sheds, he felt fine. Then during the night, it was cold. So cold that he wished his fire was still alight, but it wasn't. In the morning, Thomas came to pull him back to Tidmouth. he was worried for him.

Thomas: "I can see why you felt but didn't mind the cold. That's probably why they painted you blue. Code blue for cold."

Edward: "Yes."

When he got back to Tidmouth, there was a reward for him; he got to take the day off. No wonder why he is so blue!&nbsp

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