Come Ride the Rails is an upcoming CGI DVD featuring six episodes.



Come ride the rails to fun and adventure with Thomas and the other "Really Useful Engines" as they make tracks to great destinations on Sodor and beyond!

Hannah is a new coach on Sodor and she is friends with Toby and Henrietta and Gordon's boiler runs dry and Emily is streamlined like Caitlin. Then, Edward stays up all night and Philip wakes him up. Finally, Marion gets scared by Samson and the dinosaurs and runs away to Stephen and Millie and Thomas sees a baby and his name is Thomas. Find out in Come Ride The Rails!


  1. Hasty Hannah
  2. Gordon Runs Dry
  3. Best Engine Ever
  4. A Shed for Edward
  5. Marion and the Dinosaurs
  6. Thomas the Babysitter
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