Crosspatch is an upcoming episode. It is based on the story of the same name from The Railway Series book, Very Old Engines.


Nancy is polishing Skarloey, but Skarloey calls her a fusspot. Nancy replies by calling him a crosspatch. Skarloey remembers he once was a crosspatch, and tells Nancy the story...

Skarloey was built in 1864 and sent to Sodor on a ship the following year. After being lowered onto a flatbed using the ship's derricks, he was taken to Crovan's Gate by an ugly but kind engine named Neil. The people there weren't used to engines, and it was dark by the time he was on the rails. The next morning, he was told to take some trucks, but he wanted to pull coaches. The manager, Mr. Mack, and some workmen came and tried to make him steam, but he refused to do anything, day after day. Eventually, they got tired and covered him up with a tarpaulin.

Nancy says it served Skarloey right, but a crowd which has come to listen tells him to go on...


  • Neil
  • Skarloey

Nancy and Mr. Mack is likely to appear.

Voice Cast

UK and AUS

  • Keith Wickham as Skarloey
  • Kerry Shake as Neil

US and CAN

  • Keith Wickham as Skarloey
  • Kerry Shake as Neil


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