This is story 4/8 of Branch Line Problems

Daisy is nice, but sometimes she can be as bossy as Gordon. But she never cared about what the engines on Thomas' Branch Line say about this bitterly poor behavior. One rainy day, just as the Fat Controller was done giving out jobs to them and left, Daisy started to act bossy to them.

Daisy: "Toby, since you will be working at the slate quarry, make sure you listen to Mavis, and if I hear a bad report about your work, you will do Percy's job instead of your own."

Percy: "Be quiet Daisy, you have no right to boss Toby like that. Mind about your own work, not his!"

Daisy: "Percy I am a diesel who is smarter than Toby. Now, if you excuse me, I am going to work."

When Daisy left, they had a conversation that Daisy's bossiness had gone too far this time.

Thomas: "Not a second time for her. She is working at the slate quarry too today, so she better stop acting and being like a drag."

At the slate quarry Mavis was with Toby. Then Daisy came to work finally.

Mavis: "Where the heck have you been? Work is much more important than acting like the Fat Controller, who is coming here to inspect us this afternoon. So don't use an excuse and just be quiet and work."

Daisy, Mavis, and Toby passed, but Mavis was about to go into a raging angry talk with Daisy. She could be the thunder and the angry pain being lightning. But there was no talk.

Mavis: "Where's Daisy? She has some explaining to do."

Toby: "She has been using the tracks that don't make her get dirty."

Mavis: "I'll show her what dirty and hard work looks like."

Meanwhile, Daisy was being bossy to the cars. So her cars made a plan to get revenge on Daisy for bossing them about. At Gordon's Hill, they pushed her all the way down. Soon it became a runaway and they weren't stopped until they got to Bluff's Cove Junction. There, they went into a siding, through some buffers, and derailed. Daisy wasn't rescued until evening when Hank brought Rocky to her rescue. That evening, when Daisy was brought back to the Dieselworks, the Fat Controller was waiting for her.

Sir Topham Hatt: "I like it when engines are really useful, what makes me upset in you Daisy is that, you haven't stopped acting bossy. So if you boss around Den or Dart or both of them, it will take a lot longer to fix you. Do you understand?"

Daisy: "Yes sir. Very sorry sir."

Den: "We will start to fix you tomorrow. We promise."

Daisy just went to sleep ashamed of her own actions. But she would just have to live and learn from this mistake.

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