Darcy is a boring tunnel digger who often dig tunnels.


Darcy arrived at Brendam Docks and was delivered to the site by Nia, but her clumsiness was found to detracting by James and the Pack, especially since the latter were expecting a different machine. She soon amazed everyone with her skills when her time came.


Darcy is clumsy, but well meaning often doing her best even if others don't believe in her. She can feel distant at times, but good support always bring her back in the end.


Darcy is based on a Roadheader Ebz tunnel boring machine with an added cab


Darcy is painted yellow, and also has a nameplate.

Thomas & Friends

She may appear in the twenty-fourth series.

Voice Actors


  • Darcy is the third female character in the series to be yellow with blue accents, following Carly and Rebecca.


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