Darren Leadfoot is an Axxelo Fission that races for the Shiny Wax team in the Piston Cup Racing Series. He is painted lime green, with the number 82 painted on his doors and roof. The Shiny Wax logo is printed on his hood, as well as on his trunk. He also has a two-piece grill that not all racers have.


"Darren Leadfoot is the LAST guy you want drafting you on the final turn. Known for his sudden 11th-hour accelerations, Darren's one car who won't let anything - or anyone - stand between him and the finish line!"



Darren appears in Cars, during the Dinoco 400 race at the Motor Speedway of the South, and is involved in the huge wreck caused by Chick Hicks.

Cars 3

Darren competes in the 2016 season against the likes of Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm in Cars 3. After the Los Angeles 500, he either retires or gets fired by Shiny Wax and gets replaced by a next generation racer named Conrad Camber for the 2017 Florida 500.

Appearance in Thomas and the Magic Railroad (2019)

Along with several other Piston Cup Racers and characters from other movies, Darren makes a cameo appearance when the movie is rewinding back to the beginning.


  • Jack Angel (UK/US)



Mattel Disney Cars 3 Darren Leadfoot (Shiny Wax 82) Piston Cup Racer Die-cast


Mattel Disney Cars 2016 Darren Leadfoot with Pit Stop Barrier Movie Moments (Shiny Wax 82)

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