(Thomas & Percy chuff out of the tunnel.)

Narrator: Thomas and Percy clickety-clacked along the tracks. Kevin rolled and rattled on the flatbed. Their pistons pumped with excitement.

(The scene fades to Thomas and Percy finding Edward & Henry.)

Narrator: First, they told Edward and Henry.

Edward: We're coming. (Toot toot)

Edward and Henry: We're with you! (Henry toots)

(The scene fades to Gordon & James.)

Narrator: Next, they found Gordon and James.

Gordon: The diesels must not get away with this! (Toot toot)

James: We'll stop their trickery with a whoosh and a wheesh! (Toot toot)

(The scene fades to the steam engines puffing through Brendam Docks.)

Narrator: Then, they found Emily. She was at Brendam Docks.

Emily: We won't rest... or stop... till we've pushed them all out. (Toot toot)

(The scene fades to Toby.)

Narrator: Toby was worried. Then, he saw all his steamie friends. Toby was now strong and stern.


(More Coming Soon.)

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