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“You will see, Diesel 10, some things are well worth waiting for.”
―Sir Topham Hatt

The 2010 director's cut of the Thomas & Friends film, Day of the Diesels is scheduled to be released in 2021.


Thomas and his pals meet new firefighting engines Flynn and Belle, who arrive to save the Sodor Steamworks from diesel engines.


Characters Introduced


UK and AUS

US and CAN


  • Throughout post-production, there are several hints with voice actors and crew members that this was produced before the special was released. The hints are as follows:
    • Keith Wickham, Rob Rackstraw and Kerry Shale voicing Sir Topham Hatt, Mr. Bubbles, James and Diesel in the US dub.
    • David Debella voicing Victor in the UK dub.
    • While Bertie sounded similar to Flynn in Series 15 and 16, his voice was pitched differently in sounding similar to Zoomer and Scrambler in Bob the Builder.


  • Splatter and Dodge both speak with a Scouse accent in the UK dub, and a southern drawl in US dub. They refer to others as "mates" in the UK dub, and "partners" in the US dub mainly due to stereotypical behaviors.