Dodger is a tank engine from the Great Northern Railway that works at Vicarstown Coal Mines.



NWR/BR- 68899
LNER- 8899 (1945-1948), 3189 (1945), 3167 (1923-1945)
GNR- 167
Works No.- 1427


GNR Class J23/LNER Class J51/50


Sir Nigel Gresley


Doncaster Works

Arrived on Sodor

June 1950


Dodger was built at Doncaster in 1914, and worked at Ardsley for nearly his entire career before coming to Sodor. In 1923, he was fitted with a 16-element Robinson superheater, which was removed in 1930 when he was rebuilt into a larger J50. In 1948, at Nationalization, he moved to Doncaster, and in 1950 he was bought by the Fat Controller to work at Vicarstown Coal Mines. Unfortunely in 1951, he was buried in an avalanche. He was rebuilt at Doncaster, since the damage had been quite bad, and he had started wheezing before. Since then, he has remained allocated at the coal mines, with a shed being built for him, and a logo appilied in 1960. In 1991, he was put in charge of the connection between the Norramby and Kirk Ronan Branch Lines until a new engine was built. Since then, he has been friends with Russell and remained at Vicarstown Coal Mines.


He is a cheerful but michievious tank engine that likes surprising engines and trucks. His work at Mines has left him with a love to work with trucks. He is not fond of Diesels, but gets along well with the Electric Engines. Though well liked and respected, the big engines complain if he's to do an important job. He acquired the name 'Dodger' after he was bought due to him 'dodging' trucks a lot.


He is currently in NWR black with the VCM logo (a J50 sketch under a hopper with coal around with a box under containing VCM and a fire covering the picture) and 68899 on his cab in white with a red border. He was previously NWR blue with red lining, same number but in red with yellow, and NWR on his tanks. He was also painted BR black with same lining as current livery but with the 'cycling lion' logo. He was also painted LNER slate grey with LNER and 8899/3189/3167 in white on his tanks. His first livery was GNR black with GNR and 167 on tanks and cab in yellow.


He is based on a Gresley J50 (GNR Class J23) 0-6-0T engines. He was a smaller prototype J51/1 until 1930.


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