(The scene goes into a scene from The Secret of the Cave Treasure)

(Thomas and Ashima are about to stop panting)

Thomas: (feeling emotional) Are you alright, Ashima?

Ashima: I'm alright.

(Thomas and Ashima look around)

Ant: The Secret of the Cave Treasure became one of the most (the scene cuts to Ant and Dec outside of Mattel Creations) highly anticipated movies of 2020 and being a children's movie, it has become really popular in cinemas.

Dec: But, what does make this film so popular? It's time to find out.... in our brand new series, titled.... Down Under.

(The scene cuts to a scene from The Secret of the Cave Treasure)

Ashima: No body will find us now.

Thomas: No one will ever find us.

(The title appears)

Down Under

(The title disappears)

(The scene fades to Ant and Dec outside of Mattel Creations)

Ant: Welcome to our brand new series Down Under where we take a look at certain movies or TV shows.

Dec: We'll be the hosts with the most doing what we do best.

Ant: For the next seven weeks on Saturday on Channel 5 at 8pm... we'll be digging deep... and finding out what it means for the crew that work on that specific show or film... to be working on it.

Dec: For instance... we look at a film, like for example.... Kung Fu Panda... where we chat to the people who play the main characters themselves.

Ant: Or maybe we look at a TV show... such as... The Chase.... where we let say interview the people who play The Chasers.

Dec: That's the catch. And for the first week... we'll be looking at Thomas & Friends - The Secret.... of the Cave Treasure.

(The title appears as a scene from The Secret of the Cave Treasure is shown in the backround)

Episode 1

Thomas & Friends - The Secret of the Cave Treasure

(The title disappears)

(The scene fades to Ant and Dec in the Mattel Creations recording studio)

Dec: Here we are inside the Mattel Creations headquarters where all the magic of Thomas & Friends happens in this very studio.

Ant: And in this case.... we are in the recording studio.... where all the actors play their characters. For example.... John Hasler plays the main character himself, Thomas.

(The scene goes into the Island of Sodor intro in CGI)

Thomas: Hello, everybody. Welcome to the Island of Sodor.

(The scene goes back to Ant and Dec in the recording studio)

Dec: Now. Obviously, me and Ant got casted in the film and we were honoured. But, this film had a lot of surprises in it.

Ant: Like this!

(The scene scrolls to a scene from The Secret of the Cave Treasure)

homas and Ashima yell in horror. They end up face to face with one another as they drop)

Thomas: Ashima! Whatever happens, I'll love you no matter what!

Ashima: I...I...I love you too, Thomas!

(Thomas and Ashima gasp)

Thomas: Incoming water!

Ashima: (Gasps) Get ready for this, Thomas! This is gonna be deep!

(Thomas and Ashima hold their breath)

(Thomas and Ashima splash into the water)

(The scene scrolls back to Ant and Dec in the recording studio)

(Ant giggles)

Dec: Pretty crazy, right?

Ant: Mega crazy! Am I right, Declan?

Dec: Right. Uh. Of course, people would come in here, do the voice of a character and put that in the actual film.

Ant: Of course, casting a character's voice can be a bit tricky. Especially when it's American.

Dec: Yeah. Especially if we get someone like let's say Mike Myers or Ben Stiller or Jack Black....

Ant: Or a stupid fella like a dumbass presenter.

(The crew laugh. Dec is gobsmacked)

Dec: I'll smash your face in in a minute.

Ant: (chuckling) He's not sure about that now, isn't he?

Dec: Dumbass presenter. (Chuckling) What are you talking about?

Ant: No idea. 

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