Edward is a blue mixed-traffic tender engine. He runs his own branch line with BoCo. Edward is one of the oldest engines on Sodor and is occasionally made fun of for his age. And ever since he was rewarded with his own 3 faithful coaches, Aurora, Ariel, and Anna. Despite this setback, he is also very wise and optimistic and spreads his knowledge and encouraging attitude towards the other engines.


The Railway Series

Edward was built by Sharp Stewart and Company at their Atlas Works in Crewe, England in 1938. He worked on the Furness Railway's Cumbrian Coast Line During WWII before coming to Sodor on loan with other engines in 1969 to assist with the building of the North Western Railway. The Furness had found him to be a "shy steamer," and were not interested in getting him back when his work was completed. They sold him to the NWR for a nominal sum, who have, by careful maintenance and extensive modifications, turned him into a reliable engine.

At some point prior to 1973, Edward was confined to a shed, to the delight of the other engines, who claimed that he was too old and weak to work. Edward was eventually let out again and proved that what he lacked in strength, he made up for in work by pushing a stubborn Gordon and his heavy goods train up Gordon's Hill in 1980.

In 1984, when Thomas was fed up with fetching coaches for the big engines, Edward offered Thomas to take his trucks. However, Thomas, having no experience with trucks, was pushed down a hill and diverted into a siding. Later in 1989, Edward helped James double-head a passenger train when the splendid red engine was acting out.

For some time afterwards, Edward was getting so old that his parts caused him to clank as he went along, which led to the bigger engines teasing him about his age. Gordon and Henry teased him about when a group of cows caused half of his cattle trucks to break away and derail, but later got their comeuppance when they encountered a cow named Bluebell on a bridge. Edward would later save an old traction engine named Trevor from scrap when he encouraged The Vicar of Wellsworth to buy him.

However, James would still talk down to Edward's age and how slow he is, but after he was left running down The Main Line without a driver thanks to two naughty boys who played with his controls, Edward proved himself to be a hero when he brought the inspector and James' fireman to slow him down. James could not thank Edward enough for his heroic actions and the Fat Controller sent Edward to the works to have his worn parts mended as a reward. When Edward came back, everyone was very pleased to see him again.

Some time afterwards, Edward received his own branch line and had two twin tank engines named Bill and Ben help take trucks from the Sodor China Clay Company to Brendam along his line. When the twins were playing tricks on a new diesel named BoCo, Edward put a stop to it and showed BoCo how to handle them. Soon, Edward and Gordon were both talking about branch lines, most to the disapproval of Gordon. That night there was a mishap at Tidmouth, which in favour, Edward's train went first which sent him down the mainline (this was caused when the signalman at Wellsworth was not informed of the delay) and Gordon went down to Brendam. Some few evenings later, when Edward was taking a passenger train filled with enthusiasts home to Tidmouth, his crank-pin snapped, damaging his wheel splasher and running plate, forcing the driver and fireman to take them off. However, Edward was able to pull the heavy train back to Tidmouth, very late, but with triumph. BoCo looked after Edward's branch line while Edward was sent to the works again for repairs.

In 2007, when an old coach named Victoria was being restored, Edward quickly recognised her from the Furness Railway and listened to her story about when she worked with a tank engine named Albert on his branch line, alongside another coach named Helena. Edward later took her to Knapford Junction for Thomas to take to Toby.

Edward was dropped from the main cast in the series’ rebrand Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures! order to increase focus on cultural and gender diversity, and to change the gender distribution at Tidmouth Sheds in order to consist of a more gender-equal main cast of four male (Thomas, Gordon, James and Percy) and three female (Emily, Nia, Rebecca) members, due to demands from feminists and rising interest from female audiences. In the movie Big World! Big Adventures!, Nia was introduced to replace Edward, in order for Nia to join as the sixth Steam Team member (with Series 22 later introducing Rebecca to fill the seventh and final slot vacated by Henry), and to become the second female member in the 7 member main cast. Since his departure from the main cast, Edward has been relegated to a recurring minor character, due to the focus shifting to the new female members, Nia and Rebecca.


Edward is kindhearted and always keen to help a friend in need. The small engines trust him to lend a listening ear and sympathetic advice. He is a hard worker too and always does his best to finish a job. If ever an engine misbehaves or acts out, it is Edward that the Fat Controller turns to in order to soothe things out.

Sadly, the big engines often see Edward as old-fashioned and slow. While it is true he is one of the oldest engines on the North Western Railway - it must be noted he helped build it - he has proved time and time again that he is more than capable of working as hard as any engine, and he is a much cleverer and wiser engine, too. In fact, for a time, he and BoCo were the only engines who looked after Bill and Ben and knew how to put them in their place should they misbehave. Like any other wise old engine, he stands for no nonsense from anyone, especially from the bigger engines.

From the ninth season to the fifteenth season, Edward had occasionally expressed insecurity in himself by keeping secrets from the other engines and Sir Topham Hatt, when he was once leaking steam and likewise when he was told to pull the post train whilst Percy was being repaired.

Since the seventeenth season, Edward has been portrayed with his original personality, such as when he gave Thomas advice to ignore Max and Monty and accepted James' request to bring the Mayor of Sodor to Callan Castle.

Technical Details


The Reverend W. Awdry stated that Edward is based on a heavily modified Sharp, Stewart and Co. "Larger Seagull" K2 Class, supplied to the Furness Railway in 1896 But were Scarped and Since 1938 he is The last K2.

Sodor "historian" Martin Clutterbuck notes that Edward bears a close resemblance to an LNER D34 "Glen" (NBR Reid Class K) 4-4-0, and an LNER D40 from the London and North Eastern Railway. The Reverend W. Awdry also used an LMS Class 2P to represent Edward on his model railway.

Visible Crovan's Gate Works modifications are: making the rear splashers flush with the cab, removal of the coupling rod splashers, new cab windows as opposed to cutaways in his cab side sheets and square cab lookouts as opposed to the original round ones. In both the Railway Series and television series, Edward is depicted with a Fowler tender.

Edward's basis

A Fowler tender


Edward is painted in the North Western Railway's sky blue livery with red and yellow lining and the number "2" painted on his tender sides in bright yellow with a red border.

In the Railway Series, he carries two builder's plates on the sides of his cab.

It can be assumed that, before arriving on Sodor, Edward was painted in the Furness Railway's Indian red livery with black lining, the letters "FR" written in yellow on his tender sides and black wheels


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  • 2017 - Thomas and the Kites and Diesel and the Ducklings (incorrectly mentioned in speech bubble only)

Edward also appeared in the magazine stories, A Perfect Garden, Bill and BoCo, Chiff Chaff, Diesel Causes Delay, Diesel Display, Edward's Scarecrow, Flying James, Gordon and Edward, James and Edward, Lamp Light!, Lost and Found, Percy's Spooky Tooth, Percy's Stories, Railway Open Day, Really Useful Edward, Road Train, Slick Trick!, Stick with Steam, Taking Toby and The Big Ship

Annual Stories

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  • 1997 - Edward Saves the Day
  • 1998 - The Star of the Show
  • 1999 - Bill and Ben and Leaves on the Line (does not speak)
  • 2000 - Slow Down, Thomas!, Thomas the Famous Engine and Star Engines
  • 2001 - Very Special Engines and Edward Saves the Day
  • 2002 - "That's the Way to Do It!" (cameo) and The Really Useful Traction Engine
  • 2011 - Hiro Helps Out
  • 2013 - Hiro Helps Out
  • 2013 - Holiday Annual - The Biggest Present of All (cameo)

Video Games

  • 1998 - Magical Adventure
  • 1999 - The Great Festival Adventure
  • 2000 - Trouble on the Tracks and Thomas and the Magic Railroad Print Studio
  • 2002 - Building the New Line
  • 2006 - A Day at the Races
  • 2008 - Begins Educational Learning
  • 2018 - Go Go Thomas (does not speak)

Appearances in Fanfiction

Here are all the fanfictions that this character makes an appearance in that are on this wiki. If your fanfiction includes Edward, add it to this list.

Voice Actors

  • Keith Wickham (UK; Hero of the Rails onwards; excluding A Friendly Farwell)
  • William Hope (US; Hero of the Rails onwards; excluding A Friendly Farewell)
  • Mark Moraghan (UK/US; A Friendly Farewell only)
  • Yasuhiro Takato (Japan; first - eighth series)
  • Nozomu Sasaki (Japan; Calling All Engines! onwards, excluding An Engine of Many Colours)
  • Kan Tanaka (Japan; An Engine of Many Colours only)
  • Øyvind Borgemoen Lyse (Norway; Hero of the Rails - Tale of the Brave)
  • TBA (Norway; Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure onwards)
  • Herman López (Latin America; Hero of the Rails - Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure; excluding Tale of the Brave)
  • Javier Olguín (Latin America; Victor Says Yes and The Missing Christmas Decorations; one phrase as an error)
  • Gustavo Melgarejo (Latin America; twentieth series onwards)
  • Christos Topulos (Germany; excluding Audio Books)
  • Henry König (Germany; Audio Books only)
  • Wojciech Chorąży (Poland; Hero of the Rails onwards)
  • Fabrice Trojani (France and French speaking Canada)
  • Petteri Hynönen (Finland; Hero of the Rails - Tale of the Brave, excluding the sixteenth series - twenty-first series)
  • TBA (Finland; sixteenth-twenty-first series only)
  • Petrus Kähkönen (Finland; Big World! Big Adventures! onwards)
  • Reinder van der Naalt (The Netherlands)
  • Dan Schatzberg (Israel)
  • Celso Alves (Brazil; Hero of the Rails onwards)
  • Jordi Estupiña (Spain)
  • Anh Tuấn (Vietnam)
  • Galbenisz Tomasz (Hungary)
  • Alexander Kotov (Russia; thirteenth - sixteenth series)
  • Denis Bespalyy (Russia; King of the Railway - eighteenth series)
  • Anton Savenkov (Russia; nineteenth series onwards)
  • Um Sang-hyun (South Korea)
  • Loukas Frangoulis (Greece)


  • Edward was the very first character created for the Railway Series, in 1942.
  • Edward is one of few characters to appear in every series of the television series and one of even fewer characters to have a speaking role in each one.
  • Edward is the only engine whose crew has been named in the Railway Series. In the foreword of "Edward the Blue Engine" their names were given as Charlie Sand (driver) and Sidney Heaver (fireman). Their surnames came from their duties (one of the driver's jobs is to sand the rails when they are slippery to let the engine's wheels grip, while the fireman "heaves" coal to the firebox); their first names came from an engine crew from the Wisbech and Upwell Tramway.
  • Three of Edward's models are currently on display; two at Drayton Manor and the other is in Japan at the Hara Model Railway Museum (previously on display at Nitrogen Studios). One of Edward's production made face masks is also owned by Twitter user Thomas Merchandise.
  • In Steady Eddie, Charlie and Eddie and Edward the Hero, Edward refers to himself as "Eddie". Charlie also refers to him by this name. "Eddie" also happens to be Edward's real name in the Greek narration and in Italy from the fifteenth series onwards; however, in the Engine Roll Call he is referred as Edward.
  • In the French dub, Edward is called Edouard in the first seven series.
  • He is Michael White's favourite character.
  • According to Britt Allcroft, there was a suggestion that Edward should become female and be renamed to "Alice" in the US dub, but he ended up retaining his original name and gender.
  • Edward is the first character to be dropped from the Steam Team. His replacement is Nia.Vand
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