Edward is the same color as Thomas and the same size as James. He is a mixed traffic engine like James and pulls both coaches and trucks. Sadly, Edward is old and often looked down upon by the other engines. But every engine no matter how old wants to be really useful and when push comes to shove, Edward will prove that despite his age, he is still capable of a decent days work. One day, Sir Topham Hatt walked happily up to Tidmouth Sheds. He had great news.

SIR TOPHAM HATT: The Beatles will be having a concert at Great Waterton. They will perform at 8pm sharp. They need a special train to take them there. The engine who has been the most useful will have the privledge of taking them to the concert.

Edward beamed. The Beatles was his favorite band.

EDWARD: I want to take them.

Molly smiled.

MOLLY: you're a really useful engine Edward

SIR TOPHAM HATT: Then you better head to the coal yard to shunt coal cars, Molly!

GORDON: okay!

ENGINEER: go ahead Molly

SIR TOPHAM HATT: Edward, I have an important job for you today! Before anything happens, the stage needs to be set up. I need you to take some workmen there to set the stage up. Thomas and Percy will meet you there with the stage. Go to Maron station immediately.

EDWARD: Yes, Sir!

Edward puffed off excitedly. Edward was now on the mainline. He arrived at Maron’s Station with two coaches. The workmen boarded the train. Then Edward set off again. Edward puffed off to Great Waterton. At Great Waterton, Thomas and Percy were getting the stage pieces unloaded off of their flatbeds.

THOMAS: Hello, Edward!

PERCY: Hello, Edward!

EDWARD: Hello, you two! What do you think of Gordon getting his comeuppance? Pretty funny, huh?

Thomas, Percy and Edward laughed.

THOMAS: Oh yeah! It’s crazy, alright!


The workmen began to set up the stage. Piece by piece, the stage came up. At last, they were finished. Edward left.

EDWARD: Goodbye Thomas! Goodbye Percy!


Edward brought the workmen back to Maron Station where Sir Topham Hatt met him. He had another job for Edward.

SIR TOPHAM HATT: The Dieselworks is low on fuel. So I need you to take some fuel there. Can you do that, Edward?

EDWARD: Yes I can!

SIR TOPHAM HATT: That’s a good engine! Off you go then!

Edward puffed away. He saw a full fuel tanker at a gasoline factory and puffed off with it. Edward puffed to the Dieselworks. There, he saw Diesel 10. He wasn’t happy when he saw Edward.

DIESEL 10: Wow! I didn’t know Old Puffer Eddie was bringing our fuel. Well since you’ve for once made yourself useful, I guess I can take the fuel.

The fuel tanker was uncoupled and Edward puffed away.

EDWARD: I may be old, but I am being really useful. Goodbye Diesel 10.

DIESEL 10: Pah!

Edward left. He didn’t care what Diesel 10 said. Diesel 10’s insults were harmless. His engineer was concerned.

ENGINEER: Diesel 10 roasted you pretty hard. Are you alright?

EDWARD: Diesel 10’s just a big bully. He always ends up eating his own words somehow. Therefore whatever he says, it can do no harm.

Edward puffed on. He found Sir Topham Hatt at Knapford Station. He had another job for him.

SIR TOPHAM HATT: I need you to show James the new “Local” line.

Edward was excited. He chuffed off grandly. Edward and James had a great time and worked on the main line greeting each other as they passed each other. They had a great time. Meanwhile, things were not going good for Gordon. He felt his position deeply and was furious over the fact that he had to shunt coal cars.

GORDON: This yard isn’t even fitted for the cockroaches at the Dieselworks.

ENGINEER: Sir Topham Hatt wants us to do this. We all have to do our jobs.

GORDON: Then if that’s the case, how come James gets to pull passengers and I have to do his job?

FIREMAN: Because sometimes we have to do jobs we don’t want to do!

ENGINEER: Now quit complaining! I mean it!

Edward and James were finally through.

JAMES: Thanks for that adventure, Edward! I had a blast!

EDWARD: You’re welcomed. I hope you enjoy your new job. I’m sure you have always desired a break from working with freight cars.

Edward and James parted ways. He chuffed and puffed straight into the Sodor Search and Rescue Center. Belle and Flynn the fire engines flagged him down.

BELLE: Sir Topham Hatt needs you now, Edward!

FLYNN: Gordon is off the rails.

EDWARD: I’ll take Rocky there, now!

Edward took Rocky to the scene of the accident. Meanwhile, Sir Topham Hatt scolded Gordon severely.

SIR TOPHAM HATT: Out of all my days of working for the railway industry, I have never seen such a very rebellious engine. As for that, I have decided to not allow you to enjoy the concert tonight. For you are not even fit to be seen.

GORDON: O’ The Indignity!

Edward arrived with Rocky. Edward cleared away the unhurt cars and Rocky cleaned up the mess. It was hard labor, but Edward did what he could, for tonight was concert night and Edward didn’t want to mess his reputation up. Edward puffed backwards and forwards with freight cars all afternoon. At last, they were finished. Rocky lifted Gordon back onto the rails. When he was put back on, the accident had caused Gordon to feel numb, so he couldn’t move. Edward had to shunt Gordon to the Steamworks. Gordon grumbled all the way, but Edward paid no attention. At the Steamworks, Gordon and Edward heard a lot of banging.

VICTOR: KEVIN!!! You’re doing it again!

KEVIN: Sorry, boss!

Edward left Gordon at the Steamworks and puffed off to Tidmouth Sheds where Sir Topham Hatt was going to announce who was to take The Beatles to their concert. At Tidmouth Sheds, all the engines lined up.

SIR TOPHAM HATT: The engine to take The Beatles to their concert is……………………………….EDWARD!!!

Edward was excited.

EDWARD: I….I….I can’t believe it!

THOMAS: You deserved it, Edward.

PERCY: You’re really reliable and really useful.

EDWARD: Thank you everybody.

The concert was held that night. It was great. As for Gordon, he had to stay at the Dieselworks all night. I’m sorry to say, he was not pleased with his punishment.

GORDON: O’ The Indignity!

Poor Gordon.

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