Emily's Big Adventure Movie is a 70 minute special of Emily! released on July 24th, 2018.


Carnforth Castle gets it's ten year anniversary and Emily and her friends work hard to make the celebration very special. but Diesel 11 and Diesel 2746 plan to take over Carnforth and have Reginald fool and brainwash the engines, But Emily soon learns the truth and gets help from Thomas and the Outsiders, the Steelworkers, some sudrian engines from Sodor, Samson, and the Mainland Diesels.



  • Emily Sung By Edward and Samson
  • All Hail the Queen Sung By Emily, Molly, Ashima, Gina, Frieda, and Marina the Queen Engine
  • The Truth of All Sung By Emily and Lady
  • You Will Obey Sung By Lady, Molly, Jasiri, Poney, Marina the Queen Engine, Ashima, Gina, Liz, and Reginald
  • Love Will Find a Way Sung By Lady and Thomas
  • Days in the Sun Sung By Lexi
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