Emily & Rosie is an episode from the spin off series of Emily!.


When the female engines get mind controlled by Diesel 11 and Diesel 2746 to serve as their slaves, Emily and Rosie are kept safe in the woods, since Beresford had stopped the chase between them, until they find a way to break the Diesels's control of the other engines. Emily and Rosie have a quarrel on who's fault it was for the Diesels until they realized that they had some things in common, so they team up to find Marina the Queen Engine to restore the kingdom, while Thomas and the Outsiders distract and comedic the Diesels and Steamies.



  • Somebody Has To Be The Favorite Sung By Thomas and James


  • This episode contains a few things and reference.
    • Beresford says "Halt! Who Goes There?!" from this episode onwards.
    • This Troublesome Trucks sing their lines from Who's Thomas?.
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