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"Thomas, I'd like you to Meet Emily."

-The Fat Controller introducing Thomas to Emily.

Emily The Stirling Engine is the forty-fourth book in the Railway Series.


Dear Friends,

There is a new engine on the Fat Controller's railway. She is a Stirling Single named Emily. She stole Annie and Clarabel from Thomas before receiving her own coaches. She is now part of the team on the North Western Railway.

The Author


Emily's New Coaches

On her first day, Emily takes Annie and Clarabel, which makes Thomas cross. He eventually forgives her after saving him from hitting a broken down Oliver.

Monsters in Black Loch

Emily is scared of a monster in Black Loch.


Emily gets teased by the other engines for working with a new engine named Whiff, but soon learns how useful he is.

Emily's Best Friend

Emily worries that she does not have a best friend, but when the other engines help her out of a tricky situation, she realises she has been surrounded by best friends all along.