Ernie Gearson is a professional race car, who raced for the Spare Mint team in the Piston Cup Racing Series prior to being replaced by a next-generation racer. He is a Husker Morroco, who is painted light blue, with a green stripe wrapped around his doors and hood. He has the Spare Mint logo on his hood, as well as the number 93 painted in white on his doors and roof.


"Ernie Gearson recalls the day when high dollar sponsorships and squealing fans were still a thing of the future. He may be one of the oldest racers on the grids these days, but he's been around the track once or twice. He's still got plenty of fire in his chambers. His friends call him "Giddyup," alluding to the humble 300 horsepower engine he started his career with all those years ago."



In Cars, Ernie competes in the Dinoco 400 at the Motor Speedway of the South, but he runs into trouble when Chick Hicks causes an accident involving the majority of the race's competitors. During which he was hitting the safety wall before getting hit by Todd Marcus. Though Ernie receives some minor damage, he's able to continue racing.

Cars 3

Ernie returns in Cars 3, competing in the 2016 Piston Cup season. However, after Jackson Storm's performance sparks interest in next-generation racers, Ernie either retires or gets fired by Spare Mint and gets replaced by a next-generation racer.

Appearance in Thomas and the Magic Railroad (2019)

Along with several other Piston Cup Racers and characters from other movies, Ernie makes a cameo appearance when the movie is rewinding back to the beginning.


  • His surname is a pun to Daniel Gerson.
  • Ernie is one of the cars who returns from Cars 1 in Cars 3, which includes Murray Clutchburn, Todd Marcus, Floyd Mulvihill, Ralph Carlow, Dirkson D'Agostino, Darren Leadfoot, and Ponchy Wipeout.
    • In addition, Ernie is one of the cars whose body style was drastically changed in Cars 3 versus how it was in Cars 1, the others being Murray Clutchburn and Floyd Mulvihill.


Mattel Disney Cars 3 Ernie Gearson (Spare Mint 93) Piston Cup Racer Die-cast

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