Express Reassess is the twentieth episode of the sixth series. It is based on the story of the same name from YouTube and the Railway Series book, Tucker the Spamcan Diesel.

Plot Summary

Tucker was settling in wellness on so important. He handled the freight cars so well. He delivered all his trains on time and stayed out of trouble with the others. He had even made friends with Henry, Edward and the Scottish Twins. Although, Tucker didn't mind these four engines. He still considered steam engines to be inferior to him. He had just about every way. He would continually boast to any other engine unfortunate enough to be near him about he was ahead of his time stronger and faster than any steam it. Needless to say, they didn't say too well with the others.

One night in the Sheds, Tucker backed up into his berth between the others, feeling very pleased with himself. “I say, you steamers,” he said haughtily. “I sometimes wonder if I was given all my talent for a reason.” The Engines groaned. “Today, all my trains were on time, and I kept all my freight train in order without a single mishap. I tell you what this island needs is more engines like me,” continued Tucker smugly. The engines whooshed some steam crossly. “This island doesn't need any more diesels like you,” retorted James. “Isn't one enough?” “Quite,” agreed Henry. “I'd gladly take all the nonsense those freight cars give me over a Sodor filled with diesels.” “You may think you're so great,” added Gordon. “but there's only one engine who can pull the Express around here and that's me. Bah!” Tucker laughed. “Don't be silly,” big blue,” he smirked. “I'm sure I can pull it just as well as you.” “Hmm! Preposterous!” scoffed Gordon. “You can only handle freight cars. You wouldn't be able to handle what the Express has to offer.” “Gordon's right,” replied Henry. “the Express can be a quite a burden sometimes. Grumbling passengers, keeping control at high speeds, climbing Gordon's Hill, not exactly easy.” “Says you,” dismissed Tucker. “I've handled trains worse than ever. This Express doesn't sound like any trouble at all. Now if you steamers would excuse me, a gifted engine like me needs his beauty sleep.” With that, Tucker went to sleep, leaving the other engines feeling very cross, especially Gordon.

Next morning, Sir Topham Hatt decided that Gordon hadn't left the Shed yet. “D199 should do your work,” he said kindly. “since he took the Flying Kipper while your fire's not burning at all.” Gordon spluttered. “My Express! Pulled by a Diesel? Oh that will never do! Just try harder, alright? I mean, I'm sure I can get my fire burn.” When Tucker returned, he thought for a while. He was eager to show Gordon just how well he could handle the Express. But he was a bit tired from staying up late, delivering the Flying Kipper. “Why certainly, Sir,” he said loftily. “I'll be the Express Engine ever.” Gordon glared at Tucker. “You'll just get those words to eat if you're not careful, D199,” he called out. But Tucker had already off to Knapford. Sir Topham Hatt scolded Gordon severely. “If you don't behave at Tucker, I shall send you to take the Goods Train for a week after you wait for your fire to burn.” Gordon did behave himself.

When Tucker arrived at Knapford, he found the station packed full of passengers all waited to board the Express. Tucker backed down onto the coaches as smoothly as possible. “Ladies and gentlemen,” he announced. “Gordon is currently suffering some mechanical faults. So I, the diesel of the future shall be your premier Express engine today. Prepare for a journey unlike any other engines.” Tucker hoped that this would help the passengers taken immediate liking to it. Instead, he was greeted with a storm of complaints. “Is that a diesel?” “Such an ugly design.” “Those fumes will ruin my clothes for sure.” “I wish we had Gordon.” Tucker frowned as the passengers boarded his coaches. “I suppose I'll just have to show why I'm so grand,” he said to himself. The conductor blew his whistle, and Tucker started off.

When he arrived at the station, just as Edward arrived. “Are you feeling alright?” he asked. “Never better, old timer,” said Tucker. “Don't you have work to be doing?” “Not for an hour or so,” smiled Edward. “I'm on backing duty today. Would you like some help.” “Oh no thank you,” sniffed Tucker. “I can manage just fine on my own.” And he set towards Gordon's Hill. As he approached, Tucker wouldn't have any trouble climbing. But today, there was trouble. The weight of heavy coaches pulled him back. “This is much higher than I thought,” huffed Tucker. Before coming to a stand halfway up. Tucker reversed the Express back to Edward's station. Edward saw everything. “Never mind, old timer,” smiled Edward. “I'm going to push behind.” Both engines set off. They charged Gordon's Hill. Though, Shane was starting to feel the drag of the coaches. “We mustn't give up,” puffed Tucker. “Hope not,” huffed Edward. At last, they reached the top. “Hooray!” cried Tucker. “Thank you, Edward!” “Peep peep!” answered Edward. “Anything for the passengers.”

Finally, Tucker reached Maron without any delays. He was glad he wasn't late as Gordon pulled up alongside with some freight cars. His fire had finally burnt. “Have a bit of trouble on the hill?” he teased. “What makes you say that?” grumbled Tucker. “Yesterday, consider the train was supposed to arrive 20 minutes ago,” replied Gordon. “I'd say you got stuck on the hill and had to wait for the banker.” Tucker sighed as Sir Topham Hatt walked towards him. “Well I can't say that run was the smoothest I've had. I must say, I'm proud of you admitting your mistakes, D199.” “Please, Sir, call me Tucker,” the Diesel said kindly. “I don't wanna be called that number anymore. But thank you.” “Perhaps you'll be better stay on my Railway, Tucker,” added Sir Topham Hatt. “with a little bit of practice, you'll become a Mixed-Traffic engine indeed.” Tucker smiled. He turned to Gordon. “I'm sorry I said the Express was an easy job. Today's run has allowed me to reasses my thoughts you steam engines. You all are a lot more talented and capable than I first believed.” “Apology accepted,” replied Gordon. “welcome to the team. I'm sorry I said pulling freight trains was easy last night.” Tucker smiled. He now became friends with Gordon.

That night, Gordon told Tucker the story about when he was young and green who first came to Sodor. The engines smiled ruefully, all except James. He couldn't help but brood to himself and Tucker, formerly as D199, Old Reliable or Spamcan. But once more, that's another story.

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