(The scene cuts to Hayley next to Hank)

Hank: So... what are you doing on Sodor?

Hayley: I just wanna ask for help. That's all.

Hank: Um... I kind of wanna organise something. So... see ya later, sucker! (He squiggles out of view)

Hayley: Oh. Why doesn't no one want to help me? (Sniffs)

(Hayley starts to cry. Then, she sees a giant machine zooming towards her)

Hayley: What in the world is that piece of junk?

(The machine zooms past Hayley. She then hears a voice faintly)

???: Ahh! Sorry, Nia. Whaa! Coming through, Stanley!

(Hayley puffs away. She then hears the engine which turns out to be Thomas puffing towards her)

Thomas: Yikes! (He switches tracks) Watch it, Daisy!

Hayley: WATCH OUT!

Thomas: Ahh! (He tries to brake, but he shunts Hayley by accident)

Hayley: What the heck, Mr. Blue?

Thomas: Sorry. (Pants; Starts to cry)

Hayley: What's the matter?

Thomas: My love interest was taken away from me.

Hayley: Uh... your what now?

Thomas: (Whimpers) M... m... my love interest n... n... named A... A...

Hayley: (Gasps) That's terrible, Mr. Blue. Hey, I can help you, you know.

Thomas: (Gasps) Thank you! That would be awesome!

Hayley: No problem. My name is Hayley, by the way.

(Thomas chuffs away fast)

Hayley: Hello? Mr. Blue?

Thomas: I'm coming to save you, Ashima! With a little help from a new friend!

(Hayley puffs backwards)

(The scene fades to Thomas and Ashima's Sheds. The sun is rising. Hayley is heard in her own shed)

Hayley: (In her sleep) Thomas... don't go... (Snores) She might be there... (She puffs forward slowly and crashes into her door. She opens her eyes) What the?

(Hayley's birth door opens)

Hayley: (Whispering) Thomas? Are you okay? (She looks around and sees Thomas and Ashima sleeping)

Hayley: Phew.

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