(The sunken ship is shown jammed in the cliffs)

(Dory coughs)

Dory: Wow. Dusty.

Marlin: (Gasps) The mask. Where's the mask?

(Dory and Marlin look down only to find the mask sinking to the bottom)

Marlin: No! (Swimming down) No. Not the mask! Get the mask! Get the mask! Get it!

(Marlin swims up again and plants himself on a rock panting)

Dory: Do do do do do do do. (Swimming down) Whoo-hoo. La la la la la la. Just keeps on going, doesn't it? Echo echo. (She swims up to Marlin) Hey, watchya doing?

Marlin: It's gone. I lost the mask.

Dory: Where'd you drop it?

Marlin: YOU dropped it! That was my only chance of finding my son. Now it's gone.

(Dory looks down at the abyss and then at Marlin)

Dory: Hey, Mr. Grumpy Gills? When life gets you down, do you know what you gotta do?

Marlin: I don't know what you gotta do.

Dory: # Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming swimming swimming. What do we do? We swim swim...

Marlin: Dory, no singing. Dory. Dory.

Dory: # Oh ho ho ho ho. I love to swim. And when you waaaant to swim, you want to... #

Marlin: I'm gonna get stuck now with that song now it's in my head!

Dory: Sorry.

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