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the end
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The Romance story is a cancelled fifteenth season episode.

It was a beautiful day on the Island of Sodor. All the engines were enjoying a wonderful day. They see the children playing, saw animals in the woods, and some hang around with friends together. At the end of a day, Belle and Flynn got back to fight a big fire at the forest and came home at the Search and Rescue Center.

Belle: That was a big fire at the forest.

Flynn: It was a lot a work to get rid of the fire, but we did it.

Flynn is lucky to have Belle as a friend. Belle is glad too and sometimes she might have feelings for him.

Flynn: You look tired, Belle.

Belle: I'm okay, Flynn. You look tired too.

Flynn: It must been fighting fire.

Belle: It might be. I'll help you wash off, Flynn.

Flynn: Thanks Belle. I wash you off too while you're done. Than we get a good night sleep.

It was nighttime everyone is falling a sleep. At the Search and Rescue Center, the team fall asleep expect Belle. She couldn't sleep she was thinking about something else. When she look at Flynn, she smiled and have a strange feeling.

Belle: I'm think I'm in love with Flynn. It makes my face hot and my boiler bubble. He's so wonderful and his face is handsome. Maybe I'm too shy to tell him how I felt, but maybe someday I'll tell him.

She look at Flynn again once more.

Belle: Good night, Flynn. I'll see you in the morning.

Than Belle went to sleep and smiled at her sleep.

The next day, Belle puff around the island she couldn't stop thinking about Flynn. She says she's in love with him but how she's going to tell him how she feel.

Belle: If I tell Flynn he won't believe me. But how I'm going to tell him that I love him? Hmm? I got it, I'll go ask some of my friends. Maybe they can help me to tell Flynn how I fallen in love.

Than she chuff on to find some of her friends.

Than Belle found Percy he was taking some flour from the bakery.

Belle: Hi Percy.

Percy: Hi Belle.

Belle: Percy, I had some to tell you and I need your help.

Belle explain to Percy that she falls in love with Flynn.

Percy: Really? That's wonderful. Why don't you tell him?

Belle: I was afraid that's my problem. So Percy, do you fall in love someone else?

Percy: Well I love Mavis, she's a good friend and always nice to me. And I was afraid to tell her that I love her. But Edward told me to tell her how I feel so I won't be a scared and nervous. I did what Edward told me, so I told Mavis that I love her and how I feel for her. And you know what happened?

Belle: What?

Percy: She smiled. Mavis told that she loves me too and had a same feeling too. I'm glad I told her, now I know she will love me forever and I will love her forever. We share our first kiss and going out together.

Belle: That is so wonderful.

Percy: I bet if you try to tell Flynn how you feel. I'm sure he will understand and maybe he will love you back.

Belle: Maybe you're right, Percy. Maybe he'll understand I feel for him and maybe just maybe he'll love me too. That's great, I'll go find Flynn and tell him that I love him. Thanks Percy, see you later.

Percy: Your welcome, Belle. Good luck.

Belle puff away to find Flynn.

Belle: I must tell Flynn that I love him with all my heart.

Than Belle found Flynn, he had a flat road wheel tire.

Belle: Hello Flynn.

Flynn: Hi Belle.

Belle: You had a flat tire on your road wheel. What happened?

Flynn: I was driving around enjoying mystery. After I was turning that around that way, I saw the small broken glass. I tried to stop but its too late than I got a flat tire. Than Butch came and brought me back and fix my road wheel.

Belle: Sorry to hear that. You should be careful next time.

Flynn: I will.

Belle: Now you're here. I like to tell you something, Flynn.

Flynn: Yes Belle?

Belle: Flynn, I I - -

Flynn: You what, Belle?

Belle: I I I - -

(alarm ringing)

Butch: There's a fire at the bakery, and the oven is burning.

Flynn: Belle, you had to go without me. I had to stay here and wait for my new road wheel.

Belle: Okay. I'll tell you something before I get back.

She left to get rid of the fire at bakery.

After the fire has gone out at the bakery. The bakers cheered and thanked Belle.

Fireman: I'm afraid you need a new oven. This one is old and had it, that's why it caught on fire.

Baker: That means we had to close the bakery rather it needs repairs and new oven.

Driver: I'm afraid so.

Belle: Don't worry, you're have new oven in no time so you can bake bread and sweet things.

Bakers: Thank you.

At the end of the day, Belle went home to the Rescue Center for a rest.

Belle: There's Flynn. Now I can tell him that I love him.

Flynn: Hello Belle, how was fighting a fire?

Belle: It was okay. Something inside there oven and caught on fire. So we told the bakers get new oven and close the bakery for a week while its repair.

Flynn: You're very good, Belle.

Belle: Thanks Flynn.

She rolled to the turntable and went to the shed.

Belle: Flynn, I would like to tell you something now.

Flynn: Yes?

Belle: Flynn, I I . . . .

Flynn: You what, tell me?

Belle: I I I I, oh nothing never mind. Good night, Flynn.

Flynn: Good night, Belle.

After Flynn is sleeping, Belle couldn't sleep she's too nervous to tell Flynn that she love him.

Belle: Tomorrow I'll tell Flynn that I love him with all my heart.

She still to nervous than she went to sleep.

The next day, Belle chuffing around the island. She was thinking about Flynn again and was too nervous to tell him that she love him.

Than Emily came by.

Emily: Hello Belle.

Belle: Hi Emily.

Emily: Percy told me and Thomas that you're in love with Flynn, is it true? Really?

Belle: Yes.

Emily: How romantic. Do you tell Flynn that you love him?

Belle: Well I tried to tell him but I'm just too nervous.

Emily: You must be very shy.

Belle: Well maybe. I tried to tell him two times but I was afraid to speak up.

Emily: Just again, Belle. Maybe he will love you and except your feelings.

Belle: That's what I'm going to do. But I'm just too worried, what will I do?

Emily: Well you can ask him to go out and see the sights around Sodor. Thomas and I did that when we love each other. And maybe you can tell Flynn that you love him with all your heart.

Belle: You know that's a good idea. Thanks Emily.

Emily: Your welcome.

Belle chuff to find Flynn again. Than she got an idea.

Belle: I can go for a wash down, that way I can tell ask him to go out and than I tell him about my feelings.

She chuff away to be wash down.

At the Search and Rescue Center, Flynn just got back fighting a small fire than Belle puff in.

Flynn: Hi Belle.

Belle: Hello Flynn.

Flynn: You look clean, did you go to the wash down?

Belle: I just feel like being clean.

She smiled at him and begin to tell Flynn something.

Belle: Flynn, I I I . . .

Flynn: What is it, Belle? What you try to tell me?

Belle: I I Flynn I I I, would you like to do something with me? Like going to see sights around Sodor.

Flynn: Sure. I don't mind look around Sodor.

Belle: We can go to um uh Callan Castle.

Flynn: All right, let's go.

They both went to Callan Castle. When they got to Callan Castle, they can see passengers taking pictures, look around, and have a picnic.

The children can see Flynn and Belle.

Children: Hello.

Belle and Flynn: Hello.

After they left Callan Castle. Belle was enjoy time with Flynn, but she still to nervous to tell him that she love him.

Belle: So Flynn, would you like to go to the Animal Park to see the animals.

Flynn. Okay, I like to see the animals and see the children there too.

They both went to the Animal Park.

When Belle and Flynn there to the Animal Park. They can see the zebra have a little baby zebra, the children love to see the baby zebra.

Flynn: Look the mother zebra had baby.

Belle: The baby zebra is so cute.

The baby zebra saw Belle and Flynn and it came up to meet them.

Belle: Hello little zebra.

Flynn: Hello.

After they finish seeing the mother zebra and her baby they begin to leave.

Flynn: So Belle, would you like go to Bluff's Cove?

Belle: Yes Flynn, I love too.

So Flynn and Belle leave to Animal Park and went to Bluff's Cove.

At Bluff's Cove they can see the children playing, some playing in the after and some having picnic with there friends and family.

Flynn: The water looks pretty.

Belle: That's because the sun makes it the water shining, that's why its beautiful.

It was the end of the day, Belle and Flynn were on they're way home.

Belle: Do you have a great time Flynn? I do.

Flynn: Yes I did. I'm glad you invite me to see the sights in Sodor.

Belle smiled she knew Flynn had a wonderful time with her. But she still hasn't tell Flynn that she love him.

Belle and Flynn resting at there sheds. Now Belle has her chance to tell Flynn that she love him.

Belle: Flynn, I I like to you tell something.

Flynn: Yes Belle? What is it?

Belle: Well I I Flynn I I . . .

Flynn: Yes?

Belle: I I I I . . . never mind.

Flynn: Tell me, Belle. What?

Belle: I I I I . . . would you like to see the sights again tomorrow? We can go to Flower Fields, Ulffead Castle, and Whistling Woods.

Flynn: Yes I like that. We can go see the sights again tomorrow.

Belle: I'm glad you will love it. Good night, Flynn.

Flynn: Good night, Belle.

While Flynn is asleep, Belle could not sleep and felt her tears in her eyes. She was feeling bad that she was to nervous to tell Flynn that she love him.

Belle: I had to tell Flynn that I really love him but I'm too nervous. What will I do? Maybe I should try again to tomorrow or just give up.

Belle went back to sleep.

The next morning, Belle chuff around the island she was going to tell her friends about herself. Just then she found Thomas and Emily at the water tower.

Thomas: Hello Belle.

Emily: Hi Belle. Did you finally tell Flynn that love you him.

Belle didn't say a word. Than her tears came out her eyes, Thomas and Emily were surprise and worried to see Belle cry.

Thomas: Belle, what's matter? Why are you crying?

Emily: Did Flynn said that he didn't love you?

Belle (cries): No. I I I couldn't tell Flynn that I love him, I was to nervous to tell and I feel I look silly. I did take him around Sodor to see the sights but I didn't tell him. And I feel like I was a fool.

Emily: No you're not, Belle. You are special and good friend.

Thomas: Emily's right. You're special and good friend. And a really useful fire engine.

Belle: But how would I tell him?

Voice: Just try again.

Just than Percy came by and heard what happened.

Belle: No Percy, I can't do it.

Percy: You can do it. You maybe too nervous but you are special and brave engine. I bit if you tell Flynn about your feelings he will not think you're not a fool engine. After all he will except your feelings and he will understand.

Belle: You really mean it?

Percy smiled and Thomas and Emily agreed.

Belle: You're right. I will not be a fool and silly engine. I am a useful engine and a great friend. I'm maybe too nervous but I'm brave engine. If I want to tell Flynn that I love him and I will. I'll do it, I tell Flynn that I really love him with all my heart.

Percy: Good for you.

Belle: I'm going back to tell Flynn afterwards. I'm going to get wash and polish for him and be ready. Thank you my friends. Thank you!

Thomas, Emily, & Percy: Good luck, Belle.

At Search and Rescue Center, Flynn got back from rescue to help Elizabeth get unstuck in the mud. He was wash and ready to go with Belle to see the sight again. Than he found Belle is not there. Flynn look worried he had to go look for her to make sure she's all right. He looked and looked but he couldn't find her.

Flynn: Belle, are you there? She must be here somewhere.

Voice: Hello, Flynn.

Flynn look and saw Belle. Belle had been wash and polish, the sun glow on her paint coat and give her sparkle.

Flynn: Belle, you're . . . so beautiful.

Belle: I just feel like being beautiful today.

Flynn: I was worried about you but I'm glad you're all right.

Belle: I'm okay. You're ready to go.

Flynn: I'm ready.

So Belle and Flynn went off to see the sights on Sodor. They went for Ulfead Castle, they saw some pretty flowers at Flower Fields. Flynn ask his driver to pick bluebells and violets for Belle cause that's her favorite flowers and he was going to surprise her. Than finally they went for the Whistling Woods.

Flynn: What a wonderful day.

Belle: I'm glad you have fun Flynn.

They both smiled and now Belle has her chance to tell Flynn that she really love him.

Belle: Flynn, I like to say something to you right now.

Flynn: Yes Belle?

Belle: Flynn you're a special friend and good helper for helping me to fight big fires. Flynn I I I I . . .

Flynn: You're what? Tell me, Belle.

Belle: Flynn I I I I (taking deep breath) I love you.

Flynn: You what?

Belle: I love you, Flynn. I love you with all my heart.

Flynn couldn't believe it. Did Belle say that she really love him?

Belle: I love you that you're always there for me. I love you that you're a special friend and helping me fight big fires. I was afraid to tell you that cause I don't won't you to think I'm dumb engine. I had feelings for you Flynn and you're the first engine that I fallen for you all these years.

Flynn couldn't believe his face begin to burn. Belle was worried she knew Flynn will not say that he love her.

Flynn: Belle, you are a beautiful and special. I had something to say to you first.

Belle: Yes?

Flynn: I love you. I love you too. I love that you look very beautiful. And you always teasing me like I tease you. You very special, Belle. You're not a dumb engine, you're a beautiful and special engine that I always have you by my side.

Belle smiled and her tears came out of her eyes. Flynn loved her and always be there for her.

Belle: I love you, Flynn.

Flynn: I love you, Belle.

Flynn came close to Belle and holding her very tight. She smiled and her tears stopped. Than Belle kiss Flynn on the lips. There lips touch each other, so Flynn kiss her back. Two broke up with the kiss. Belle smiled at Flynn and he smiled back. Than they kiss back, two kissing passion, vigor, and worshipping their mouths. They continue kissing and kissing and kissing more passion and worshipping their mouths.

Both of them finish kissing. Their faces went flush as color. Belle and Flynn smiled.

Flynn: You are you so wonderful, Belle.

Belle: You are too, Flynn.

They both kiss back and smiled each other.

Flynn: Oh I have something for you, Belle.

His driver give Belle some flowers of bluebells and violets.

Belle: Flynn I love bluebells and violets, they're beautiful. They're my favorite, thank you.

Flynn: I'm glad you them. I just want you to happy.

Belle: You already make me happy. Flynn, would you love forever and stay with me? I need you because I love you.

Flynn: I love you with my heart, Belle. I will stay with you and love you forever. I will never leave you. I will make you feel happy like you make me happy. We always be together for the rest of our lives.

Belle smiled and still holding Flynn very tight. Belle and Flynn kissed more passion and vigor. They continue more kissing and more worshipping their mouths more. Flynn can feel Belle's tongue inside his mouth, her tongue interwing around him. He kissed her deeper and deeper and deeper than he slip his tongue inside her mouth. They're worshipping deeper and deeper, their tongues interwing and then wrapping around them and kissing more passion of love.

Than they broke up with the kissing, they breathing heavenly and panting. Their faces are hot and sweating and smiled each other.

Flynn (panting) : I love you, Belle. And I always will.

Belle (panting) : I love you too, Flynn. I love you forever.

Than they're kissing one more time.

A few days later, everyone heard that Belle and Flynn are in love each other. Belle and Flynn went around the island to look the sights. Belle and Flynn knew that they will always love each other and stay together.

At Bluff's Cove, Belle and Flynn look at the sea together than they look each other and smiled.

Belle: Flynn, you so wonderful. I love you.

Flynn: I love you too, Belle. You're so wonderful too and beautiful.

Belle: Let's do something together, Flynn.

Flynn: What's that, Belle?

Belle whisper to Flynn what's her idea. Than Flynn look surprised.

Flynn: You want me to make love for you?

Belle: Yes, I want us to make love for each other. I needed it, Flynn and I need you.

Flynn: All right, Belle. Let's do it together by tonight while everyone is asleep.

Belle: Not here at Search and Rescue Center. Let's do it somewhere else.

After night came everyone went to sleep except Flynn and Belle. They went off the find a hiding place to make love.

They look and look and there was a perfect hiding space.

So Belle move into the tree branches and bushes. Than Flynn put his wheels down and turn around to Belle's track. Than his wheels went up and move closer to Belle.

They hold each other and never let go.

Belle: My Fiery Flynn.

Flynn: Belle, let's begin.

They kissed each other more passion. They're kissing more and more passion, love, and vigor. Their mouths worshipping and their tongues interwing. Belle brush Flynn's lips with her tongue, than he used his tongue to touch her lips and worshipping their mouths and kiss deeper and deeper and deeper.

They broke up with the kiss. Belle and Flynn breath heavenly and panting, their faces were red flushed.

Flynn (pants) : Belle, you're so beautiful. That's amazing.

Belle (pants) : You are amazing too, Flynn.

They kissed and smiled each other.

Belle: Let me kiss you first, Flynn. Let me love you.

Flynn: Okay. Do it, Belle. Than I will make love for you.

Belle kiss Flynn on the lips and use her tongue gently brush his lips. She kiss more passion and powerful. She broke up with the kiss, than she kiss him on cheek. She used her tongue again to lick his cheek and the other cheek. She kissing his brow gently but quickly, than Belle use her tongue gently touch his brow. Flynn trembling as he felt her tongue touching his brow. Belle begin to sucking his brow more. Flynn groan and moan to feel his love touching.

Flynn: Belle. (moans) Let me make love for you.

Belle broke up kissing and sucking his brow. Than she kissed him on the lips.

Belle. My Flynn.

Flynn kiss her on the lips. He worshipping her mouth deeper and deeper with love and passion. Than he kissed her cheeks and move to her brow. He gently kissing her on her brow than he beginning sucking her. Belle trembled and moan to feel her love kissing and sucking her brow. Belle breath sighing and felt her boiler bubble than Flynn breath gently than kiss her on the lips. They both smiled and love each other.

Belle: I love you, Flynn.

Flynn: I love you too, Belle.

They kiss more passion and love. Belle kissed Flynn more deeper than Flynn did the same thing. Belle opened his mouth and ran her tongue inside, Flynn kissed her more love and vigor than ran his tongue inside her mouth. Their tongues were interwing and their tongues holding each other. They're worshipping their mouths deeper and deeper and kissed more passion and love.

Than they finished kissing, Belle and Flynn panting breathing heavenly and their faces were red as Bertie the Bus. Belle sighed and felt her boiler bubble and Flynn catching his breath and sighed too.

Flynn: Belle, you're so beautiful. So hot.

Belle: You're hot too, Flynn. And beautifully handsome fire engine.

Flynn: I will never leave you, Belle. I will stay with you and love you with all my heart forever.

Belle: Flynn, I'm so happy. I'm happy to be with you and love you for a long time.

Both breathing gently, Belle kissed Flynn on the lips. Than he kissed her on the chin and resting for making love.

Belle: Flynn?

Flynn: Yes Belle?

Belle. Thank you. Thank you for loving me and be there for me.

Flynn: I'll always love you and be with you. I will stay with you and be next to you.

Belle smiled and kiss him more passion. Than Flynn kissed her back, they share passion and love.

They broke up with the kiss. Belle sighing and kissed him on the lips than went to sleep. Flynn did the same, he smiled and kissed her than he went to sleep. They hold each other and smiled in their sleep.

In the morning, Belle woke up and saw Flynn still sleeping. She smiled at him and than she quietly gently kiss him on the lips.

She kissed him again than Flynn woke up and smiling at her.

Flynn: Morning Belle.

Belle: Morning Flynn.

They kissed and smiled.

Belle: What a night, Flynn.

Flynn: Yes, Belle; what a big night.

Belle: Thank you, Flynn. For being there for me and love me.

Flynn: I will always love you, Belle. I will stay with you and take care of you.

Belle smiled and kiss Flynn more love and passion. He kissed her back with more passion. They shared kissing more love, passion, and vigor.

Than they broke up kissing. Belle and Flynn smiled and feel love for each other.

Flynn: I love you, Belle. And I always love you more.

Belle: Flynn, I love you too. I love you forever more.

They shared their kiss again. They kissed deeper and worshipping their mouths. Both fire engines continue kissing. Than both fire engines broke up with kiss and smiled each other.

Next day, Belle and Flynn are both being useful engines and very busy. They still love each other and even night when everyone goes to sleep, they will make more love and passion.

The next few weeks later, Belle and Flynn watch the sun together and saw the sun makes the water shiny and bright.

Flynn and Belle look at each other and smiled.

Belle: Flynn?

Flynn: Yes, my love?

Belle: I love you so much.

Flynn: I love you too, Belle.

They will always love each other forever and be together for a long time.

the end

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