Story 5/8 of Favorite Places, Favorite Faces.

Characters: Fergus, Thomas, Bert,

Miss Jenny (mentioned), Diesel , Duck (mentioned), Sir Topham Hatt Victor (mentioned), Kevin (mentioned), 'Arry (cameo), Paxton (cameo)

Fergus is proud to be on Sodor. He is also a rule follower and knows to follow it well. One day, Fergus was working extremely hard. He had to go to the Steamworks tomorrow for an inspection. Thomas had a job for Diesel

Thomas: "Now Diesel, you must pull Troublesome Trucks from here and take them to the quarry

Diesel: i'll show them

Troublesome Trucks;ha ha ha ha its Diesel!

Diesel:I'll show you!

Thomas:no Diesel be gently today your not that devious anymore

Fergus puffed happily to the Steamworks, he was excited for the inspection because he would get a chance to see one of his friends; Victor and Kevin. Meanwhile, after Diesel delvered the Trounlesome Trucks to the quarry .Arry and Bet were also there

Diesel: "today im going to do Fergus' job for him

Bert: "Good plan but make sure Fergus is not watching you.

Diesel:okay i won't

Diesel: now im going to be really useful engine.

Diesel: all the children will be happy seeing me working at The Cement Works.

Diesel:everyone will adore me

Diesel:Sir Topham Hatt will be very happy

but he was wrong

when Fergus returned, he was suprised to see Diesel doing his job .

Fergus: (shocked) thats not your job its mine!

Diesel: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.Arry told me that you shouldn't be here

Diesel:its mine now ha ha ha ha ha ha !

Fergus:its my job!

Diesel:Fergus Shut up its my job now!

Fergus:well thats not very nice

Diesel just did Fergus' job

Diesel:Now Fergus get out of my way and Go To Hell!

Fergus was shocked

Fergus: thats not nice at all!

Diesel: let me work here Pig!

Fergus then went to Knapford Station to complain to Sir Topham Hatt about Diesel

Sir Topham Hatt: i will talk to Diesel about this edmediitly!

so Sir Topham Hatt got in his car and went straight to The Cement Works

Sir Topham Hatt: (cross) Diesel you a beeing very rude to Fergus today so i need you to leave The Cement Works now i go the The Scrappyard

Diesel:But Sir!

Sir Topham Hatt:Now Diesel

That evening,Diesel worried he would be scrapped and thought in order not to get scrapped he had to hide

Then Diesel saw Sir Topham Hatt

he raced away from him as fast as he couldn't but he didn't notice a big rock had been

DIesel raced away from him as fast as he could but then stating being careless and spolossed right into the river

Sir Topham Hatt: Diesel why are you tryieft on the track until it was too late ng to hide from me all day?

Diesel:because i thought you were scrapping me as a punishment

SIr Topham Hatt:no Diesel im not scrapping you

Diesel:are you scrapping Fergus then Sir

Sir Topham Hatt:im not scrapping have been very rude today but your still a really useful engine.i just sent you here because Fergus is pride of the cement works thats all.

Then Sir Topham Hatt inspected Diesel's wheels

Sir Topham Hatt:Diesel you must go to The DieselWorks.

Diesel:Yes Sir

when Diesel returned he appolised to Fergus

Diesel: i really shouldn't have istened to Arry and Bert there devious

Fergus: well you got alot of work done

Diesel:i did?

Fergus: yes so i guess we won't be calling you Devious Diesel anymore but we will still call you Diesel

Diesel:what will you call me then?

Fergus:Helpful Diesel!

Diesel:thank you

Fergus:you know Diesel you can always come here and visit me

Diesel: ha ha ha ha ha

Fergus: ha ha ha ha ha

then Arry and Bert came up

Arry and Bert:Diesel were sorry we told you to do devious deeds

Arry:we should now only let you do your own work

Diesel:ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Arry:ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Bert:ha ha ha ha ha ha

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