Fun on the Tracks is an US DVD.


  1. Diesel and the Ducklings
  2. Pouty James
  3. Sidney Sings
  4. Henry Gets the Express
  5. Toby's New Friend
  6. Bradford the Brake Van
  7. Blown Away
  8. Saving Time
  9. Ryan and Daisy
  10. Salty All At Sea 
  11. The Way She Does It (Seprate from the main feature)

Bonus Features

  • Really Useful Engines - Peter Sam and Ryan
  • The Earl's Quiz - Philip to the Rescue, Gone Fishing and Henry Gets the Express
  • Landmarks of Sodor - Blue Mountain Quarry
  • Sir Topham Hatt's Tales - Donald and Douglas (Story: Love Me Tender)
  • All You Need song
  • Guess Who Puzzles? - James, Thomas, Gordon and Percy


  • The Season 19 Engine Roll Call and credits are used from this full movie and The Way She Does It. They still use the Season 13-18 opening.


  • Mr. Perkins' Postcard, Mr. Perkins' Storytime, Learn with Thomas, Who's That Engine and Mr. Perkins' Railway are shown on the back cover, despite not being any of these segments.
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