*Not to be confused with George the steamroller

George is a tank engine who works on Edward's Branch Line since 1948. He is very good friends with a lot of engines on Sodor.


George/101 was built in mid-1913, and arrived on loan to Sodor in 1915 to help out with war supplies and the construction of the NWR. During his time their, he had gotten used to the nickname 'George'. He was officially sold to Sir Topham Hatt I in 1921, along with Edward. In 1924, he was reunited with 102, renamed 'Thomas', and soon they were again acting as brothers. Soon after the Nationalisation in 1948, he was asked to help Edward on his branchline.

In 1959, he joined in on the deputation for Donald and Douglas to stay on Sodor.


George is very kind to all the engines, and can always keep a secret. He is loyal to Sir Topham Hatt, from the first to the fourth. He is always happy to help, and can be seen helping Edward.

Technical Details


George is based on an LB&SCR E2 shunter engine built from 1913 to 1916. These engines were built to replace the old-aging E1s. They managed to work at the harbour until 1961 and 1963, when they were withdrawn from service and were scrapped, not a one being preserved. In 2016, there has been a project to build '110'.


George is in a darker blue, with red lining. He has the number '16'. His old livery was brown with yellow stripes and the number 101. In reality, the real 101 was withdrawn from service in the early 1960s and was scrapped.

Voice actors

  • George Ignatchenko (always will voice him)


  • Originally, George was going to be an A0, like Gordon, but George Ignatchenko thought Thomas needed some of his brothers to be around to cheer him up, so he was changed into an E2 shunter engine.
  • George was, obviously, named after George Ignatchenko.
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