Gina is a stylish Italian tank engine who participated in the Shunting Challenge at The Great Railway Show.


Gina, along with the other international engines, accidentally arrived on Sodor when the ferry they were travelling on stopped at Sodor instead of the Mainland. After the engines realized their mistake, Gina ordered the engines back onto the ship. She was also the first to notice that one of the international engines, Ashima, was missing from the ship.

Gina competed in the Shunting Challenge alongside Ivan, Raul, Thomas and Ashima. During the competition, her flatbeds were derailed by Vinnie when he was chasing Philip through the yard.

After the Great Railway Show ended, Gina left the Mainland and returned to Italy.


Sweet and stylish, Gina can match the boys pound for pound when it comes to shunting trucks in the yard. She is very proud of her Italian heritage and loves working on archeological digs to uncover more about the history of her cherished homeland. Though quick to correct any misunderstandings about her country's heritage, she is a true friend down below. Nonetheless Gina does not suffer fools gladly, and will often grow irritable when someone acts like they know it all - particularly about her areas of expertise. she is loyal and caring, and will always set grudges aside for the sake of helping others.


Gina is based on the Ferrovie Nord Milano 200 0-4-0T. Those engines were ordered by the Società Ferrovie Del Ticino (SFT) and built by Couillet, a Belgian locomotive builder, for use on the Como-Varese-Laveno and Saronno-Malnate routes. Seven engines were built by Couillet and numbered from 200 to 206. In 1888, the two routes were acquired by the Ferrovie Nord Milano and the engines became part of the railway, being re-numbered 201 to 207 (subsequently re-numbered again as 200-01 to 200-07). They were used for local service and slowly relegated to menial tasks with the arrival of more powerful engines and from the 1920s, electrification. In the mid-1930s, they were used only for shunting, especially at Milano Cadorna station and were finally withdrawn in the 1960s. In 1974, engine 200-05 was restored and used on heritage train services and is now the second oldest operating engine in Europe. Another engine, numbered 200-02 has been placed on a plinth at Saronno, but it is actually 200-04.


Gina's livery is that of her basis. She is painted green with a black boiler, gold lining and red wheels. She has her name written in white lettering on her nameplates.


Thomas & Friends

She may appear in the twenty-fifth series.


Voice Actors


  • Gina's whistle is Rheneas' at one half-step higher in pitch.
  • Gina's Adventures toy has a nameplate only on one side.
  • In Series 23 She gain a back white window as well as a gold square beside her firebox.
  • Gina is the second character to appear in all Italian episodes. The first one was Yong Bao in China.
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