Go Go Thomas! is an app by Budge Studios.



  • Funnel Tunnel
  • Daring Docks
  • Frantic Fortress
  • Roaring Falls


Character Starting Boost Acceleration Special Boost Boost Type
Thomas 4 5 3 Rainbow
Percy 4 4 4 Surfing
James 3 4 5 Flame
Emily 5 4 3 Whirlwind
Toby 5 5 2 Storm
Nia 3 4 5 Surfing
Rebecca 4 5 3 Whirlwind
Gordon 2 5 5 Whirlwind
Spencer 5 3 4 Storm
Rosie 4 4 4 Rainbow
Ashima 4 3 5 Rainbow
Yong Bao 5 2 5 Flame
Diesel 5 5 2 Flame
Diesel 10 5 4 3 Storm
Flynn 3 4 5 Surfing
Belle 5 2 5 Rainbow
Victor 5 3 4 Flame
Ryan 4 5 3 Storm
Edward 3 5 4 Whirlwind
Streamlined Thomas 2 5 5 Storm

Character Descriptions


Percy is the number 6 green engine. The smallest member of the Steam Team, Percy is Thomas' best friend, and loves delivering the mail!


James is the number 5 red engine. He's the funny engine of the Steam Team, and thinks of himself as a really splendid engine!


Emily, the clever engine of the Steam Team, is a bright emerald green engine with gleaming brass fittings. She is a really clever problem solver!


Toby is the number 7 brown tram engine. He's square, reliable, and always happy to work!


Nia, the helpful engine of the Steam Team, is a tank engine from Kenya. She's a real optimist, with a great sense of fun!


Rebecca, the happy engine of the Steam Team, is a large tender engine who came from the Mainland. She's shy, but makes everyone happy, even Gordon!


Gordon is the number 4 blue express engine. He is always willing to use his superior strength and speed to help smaller engines out of trouble!


Spencer is just about the shiniest, sleekest engine the Island of Sodor has ever seen. Spencer is very strong and very fast, and he makes sure the other engines know it!


Rosie is an energetic, fun and free-spirited tank engine. She works as a shunting and mixed-traffic engine, and she always loves to race!


Beautifully crafted with hand-painted decals, Ashima is a fun, feisty and friendly engine from India who's more than happy to help out whenever needed!

Yong Bao

Yong Bao is a kind and faithful tender engine from China. Painted on his tender is a tiger, which gives off a sense of awe and admiration.


Diesel is an oily schemer, who believes that steamies are no match for him!

Diesel 10

Diesel 10 is the master of mischief on Sodor!


Flynn is a really red fire engine, and a member of the Sodor Search and Rescue Team. He's very popular with the engines, and he's always raring to rescue!


Belle is a big brave blue engine, who always wants to do her best, and be the best!


These engines are eager to join in the Great Race event!


Ryan wants to be a hero, and this event is his great chance to prove himself!


Friendly Edward is the number 2 blue engine. He's one of the oldest and wisest engines on the Sodor railways!

Streamlined Thomas

Finally, it's Thomas' time to become streamlined! With such sleek bodywork, he's sure to impress everyone at the Great Railway Show!



  • Mark Moraghan serves as the narrator for the game.
  • This is the first time in where Mark Moraghan mentions Streamlined Thomas, Nia and Rebecca.
  • Toby has his original bell sound.
  • Henry is the only original Steam Team member to not appear in the game, as of the 2018 version.
  • Rebecca's model is based on an earlier version of her television series model. As such, she is too low to the ground and has an extra box underneath her face.


  • Emily uses her Season 9 whistle sound.
  • Nia is missing her number on her right side.
  • Diesel, Diesel 10 and Flynn make puffing sounds, despite not being steam engines.
  • Diesel 10 has Salty's horn sound.
  • Toby has no steam.
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