Goodbye Mr Percival is the seventh episode of season 1 and of Tales of the LNWR overall. It will be released in

August 2020.


In 2018, Peter Sam was taking a passenger train to Crovan's Gate, when he saw some workmen near Mr Percival's office, talking about the controller not being here anymore. Peter Sam became worried and told the other engines, who became worried too. Skarloey however suggested that they must try to not cause confusion and delay. They tried the next day, and so it seemed that it was working. They were early at the platfroms, surprising Mr Percival, right on time, and even not even carelessness.

That evening, Luke had a near miss with Duncan, who told him to watch it, only to be stared at by Mr Percival, and apoligised. Mr Percival then asked Skarloey what was going on, and he claimed that they were proud of him being the controller of the railway since 2005, and Mr Percival then stated that he was proud of taking over from Mr Roger Sam. Skarloey told them that night, and said that Peter Sam must had misheard.

The next day, he saw the same workmen clearing out Mr Percival's office, worrying Peter Sam even more, and told the others. Rusty then declared to go on strike. Later, when Mr Percival had heard about the strike, he went to confront them, saying that he was only going to move to Sir Topham Hatt IV's office temperorily while he was away looking for Thomas. They stop worrying, and were glad to have their same controller of the line.


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