Goodbye Sir and Other Adventures is an upcoming US DVD containing nine episodes from the nineteenth season and two from the twentieth season. This runtime is 113 minutes.


Join Thomas and his friends who work hard. Percy overhears some workmen, Salty travels to the mainland, Timothy works with Porter at the docks and Den helps at the quarry, Emily thinks about being streamlined like Caitlin, Percy and Diesel get stuck in the water, Marion finds Glynn, Thomas and Bertie see what is on the other side of the mountain, Rocky rescues Henry and Glynn competes against Stephen, Thomas hears a noisy baby on his train and Hiro becomes derailed. Join Thomas and his friends with twelve episodes.


  1. Goodbye Sir Topham Hatt
  2. Salty All At Sea
  3. No Help At All
  4. Den and Dart
  5. Best Engine Ever
  6. Wild Water Rescue
  7. The Christmas Coffeepot
  8. The Other Side of the Mountain
  9. Rocky Rescue
  10. Over the Hill
  11. Thomas the Babysitter
  12. Helping Hiro

Bonus Features

  • Really Useful Engines - Hiro, Flynn, Samson and Scruff
  • The Earl's Quiz - Thomas and the Emergency Cable and James to the Rescue, Marion and the Dinosaurs, Numbers and Duck in the Water
  • Mr. Perkins' Storytime - Thomas and Gordon
  • Mr. Perkins' Postcard - Knapford Station
  • Landmarks of Sodor - Brendam Docks
  • Sir Topham Hatt's Tales - Samson 
  • Who's That Engine? - Spencer
  • Determination Season 8 song
  • Glynn's Christmas Wish song
  • Bonus Episodes: The Little Engine Who Raced Ahead and Philip to the Rescue
  • Guess Who Puzzles? - Samson, Rocky and Rosie
  • Fun with Driver Perkins - How Engines Make Steam
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