this a sequel of Edward Gets Annoyed

This is a cancelled first season episode.

The Eagles were coming to Sodor

Sir Topham Hatt came to see Gordon he looked cross

SIR TOPHAM HATT: Gordon, as a punishment you will not be going to the next concert for a month.

Gordon was furious after Sir Topham Hatt said that


SIR TOPHAM HATT: Oh okay, you're right, it may not be fair, but you have to calm down and breathe

GORDON: Will I be sent away?

SIR TOPHAM HATT: No Gordon you will not be sent away, but you will shunt coaches in the yard for a week until I can trust you again, and you will apologise to Edward for being rude to him.

GORDON: Yes sir.

Edward: Hello!

Gordon: Hello Edward, and I'm sorry for being rude to you even though it wasn't funny, I just wanted you to laugh and cry.

Edward: I understand, Gordon.

Gordon: So we good?

Edward: Yes, we are.

From that day on Gordon continued to be polite to Edward whenever he saw him.

Later when Gordon was shunting in the yard, he heard an engine crying out: Help, help! It was Henry and his trucks were being troublesome and were pushing him down the line, Gordon raced after him.

Henry: Help, I can't stop!

Gordon: Don't worry Henry, I've got you.

Henry: Gordon, I thought you were meant to shunt in the yard.

Gordon: Never mind about that, Henry.

Henry and his trucks were heading towards a bridge under repair, Henry tried to stop, but he couldn't, he was dangling over the edge of the bridge, Gordon saw what had happened, Gordon coupled up to Henry and his trucks and pulled Henry back from the edge of the bridge and to safety.

Henry: Thank you for rescuing me, Gordon.

Gordon: Don't mention it, Henry.

Later that evening Sir Topham Hatt came to see Gordon, but he was worried that he would be cross, but he wasn't, he was very pleased.

Gordon: I'm sorry, sir, it's all my fault, I know it is-

Sir Topham Hatt: Gordon, there's nothing to be sorry about, I'm proud of you, you saved Henry from a nasty accident, you are a Really Useful engine, and as a reward you can go to the concert tonight with the other engines.

Gordon: Oh thank you sir.

Sir Topham Hatt: Henry will have to go to the Steamworks to be fixed.

Gordon: Who will look after his jobs?

Sir Topham Hatt: Don't worry, James will look after his passenger jobs, and Donald and Douglas can look after his good trains while he's being repaired.

Gordon: Okay.

henry throws a tantrum

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