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Gordon is a big blue express engine who works on the Main Line. He is Flying Scotsman's only surviving brother. Gordon is also one of the fastest and strongest engines on the Island of Sodor and his main task is to pull the Wild Nor' Wester, the railway's express train.Template:Ref At times, this leads him to feel superior.

Gordon is mainly used for passenger duties, but has occasionally pulled goods trains, much to his dislike, as he believes that these are below him.


The Railway Series

Gordon was built at Doncaster in 1920 as an experimental prototype for Sir Nigel Gresley's A1 Pacific design for the Great Northern Railway. [1] Inevitably there were faults which needed correction; so Gordon was kept "hush hush" and apart from test runs, was never put into regular traffic or given a GNR number. He was used experimentally until all defects had been cured and the first batch of Pacifics had appeared in 1922/23. In 1923 therefore Gordon was no longer needed and was sold to the North Western Railway together with a spare boiler and firebox.

During Gordon's early years on the railway, he often looked down on the smaller engines like Edward and Thomas. However, he would soon find he needed help from Edward to be his banker after he got stuck on a hill with a train of trucks. He also needed Edward and Henry to pull his passenger train after he broke his safety valve in front of Henry's Tunnel.

Gordon often found Thomas very annoying for whistling rudely at him, so he taught him a lesson by bringing him along with his express train before he could be uncoupled. Thomas usually fetched the coaches for him, however, after Thomas left the yard when he was given a branch line, Gordon, along with Henry and James, soon found that they had to fetch their own coaches. After the big engines had several mishaps, one of which involved him having to pull his train backwards, Gordon proposed that they all go on strike, where they would only pull their coaches if another engine fetched them. Edward was the only engine left and since he was a tender engine and that Gordon proposed that tender engines do not shunt, they started to discriminate against Edward until the Fat Controller decided to leave them in the shed until they learnt the error of their ways.

After Gordon, Henry and James saw how silly they were, the Fat Controller let them out, reminding them to behave and bought a tank engine named Percy to help fetch their coaches. Gordon almost had a run-in accident with Percy when he carelessly stood on the Main Line. After Percy ran away backwards and stopped in a pile of dirt, Gordon helped him out. Gordon was still arrogant and insulted Henry for the way he whistled. However, he ate his own words when his whistle jammed and he went running down the main line whistling continuously. He did not stop until a fitter climbed up and knocked his whistle in place.

In 1939, Gordon went to Crewe for a rebuild. His conjugated valve gear, which had been giving much trouble, was replaced by a two-cylinder chassis (designed by the Fat Controller) and he received a smoother running plate, as the new cylinders could not fit under the original. This rebuild effectively made him a hybrid with Stanier valve gear, running plate and cylinders, while the rest above was Gresley built.

In 1952, he was called upon to pull a special goods train, much to his disgust. To get out of pulling the train, he tried to jam the turntable, but he could not stop himself and ran into a ditch. After he was rescued from the ditch, the Fat Controller banned Gordon from pulling passenger trains until he proved himself a Really Useful Engine. After a period of good behaviour, the Fat Controller rewarded him by allowing him to pull Queen Elizabeth II's royal train when she came to visit Sodor. In 1956, he travelled to London, where he was lauded by a large crowd. Gordon did not like the visit, however, as he discovered that London's big station was St. Pancras, which he thought was King's Cross.

During City of Truro's visit in 1957, Gordon heard that the famous engine had reached 100 miles an hour and believed that he could reach that speed. This resulted in him losing his dome on the viaduct. Later, when Diesel arrived on trial and was having trouble moving some old trucks, he accused Duck by making rumours about him giving Gordon a bad nickname, "Galloping Sausage". As a result, Gordon, Henry and James began to turn against Duck by forbidding him from the shed. However, when the truth came out that Duck had not made the nicknames, they began to feel very silly about jumping to conclusions before knowing the true story.

In 1965, Gordon complained about that Duck the new diesel, going on the main line, because the diesel only works on Edward's Branch Line. He claimed that the Fat Controller would never agree and states that branch lines are vulgar. That night, Gordon's crew mistakenly believed that the passenger with a green hat was the guard waving his green flag. As a result, Gordon left with the majority of the passengers, the luggage and the guard stranded on the platform. Everyone was surprised, but the surprise quickly gave way to anger. This made Gordon so embarrassed, he brought his train back down to the big station as Edward was already late with his train. But the signalman at the junction was not told about the change. Because of this, Edward was sent to the main line and Gordon was sent down to Edward's branch line. He spent the night at Brendam and was teased by Bill and Ben of being a lot of old iron that should be scrapped. BoCo stopped them and Gordon gained respect for him.

In 1967, Gordon felt devastated to hear that his brothers and sisters were all scrapped on the Mainland, but happy to hear that his brother Flying Scotsman was preserved, when the Fat Controller brought him to reunite with Gordon.

Then, in 1986, Gordon heard about high speed trains on the Other Railway and believed that he could go faster than them. However, he had an excessive wheelslip and later covered wedding guests and the Fat Controller's top hat with soot. He managed to redeem himself and get the Express over his hill after his firebars collapsed and got to visit Carlisle when a Angus taking a Railtour failed.

In 1995, Gordon had been hauling the Express when a flock of crows swooped in front of the train, resulting in one of them knocking the seal out of his front brake pipe.

As Gordon could not go far on the Other Railway due to a lack of water pipes, he would have to change places with a diesel locomotive at Barrow, who would take the Wild Nor' Wester onwards to London. By the early 2000's, however, this wasted too much time and the timetable was considered too slow. The Fat Controller decided to buy Pip and Emma to run the service, as they are capable of doing a complete round trip every day, which he did so in 2010. Gordon now pulls stopping passenger trains, which he prefers as he can do two round trips per day instead of one and does not need to hurry.

Gordon's last train of the day stops at all the stations on the Main Line. One evening, delays on the Other Railway resulted in him being late. At Killdane, he encountered a fire and he urged his driver to do something; his driver used a hose to put out the fire with water from Gordon's tender. Following this, the Fire Brigade recommended him for The Queen's Fire Service Medal, which he is very proud of.

Thomas & Friends

Gordon has been, to date, the fastest engine on Sodor, but has sometimes had accidents caused by him trying to show off; In the fifth series, his brakes were not working and he could not stop, resulting in him crashing through the Kirk Ronan Station wall. When Crovan returns to Sodor, Gordon gave him advice about taking on water before going to Maron Station. Also, in the sixth series, he ignored a sign telling him to go slow while pulling trucks, resulting in him tumbling into a field; Though he has proven to not be too big for his wheels and to be useful instead.

After teasing Thomas for derailing a train of tar tankers, Gordon got his comeuppance when Thomas was told to take fish wagons to Vicarstown. As it would make him late for Branch Line work, the little blue engine coupled them behind Gordon's coaches, as he was heading there anyways. Gordon was oblivious to them for the entire trip, right up until he got a greeting from Flying Scotsman, whose tip sent Gordon screaming Thomas' name to the sky. He still cared for Thomas though, and welcomed him back with Nia a few days later.

Gordon was very upset when Bear and Tucker moved from Tidmouth to Knapford Sheds, even more. He was so upset about all the changes happening on the railway that he threw a tantrum in front of Henry, BoCo, Pip, Emma and the Fat Controller. This ended up with the Fat Controller sending him to his shed for his behaviour. However, Pip and Emma were able to calm Gordon down when she told him that change can be good and that all thier old friends are still their friends, just as much as Bear and Tucker are with Gordon. Despite bonding with Pip and Emma, Gordon was not very pleased to hear of another engine taking over Henry's berth in the sheds, which later turned out to be Rebecca. However, he later became good friends with her, after she retorted Flying Scotsman's teasing of him about being the 'little brother'. when Spencer first arrived on Sodor, Gordon gave him advice about taking on water before going to Maron Station. Unfortunately, Spencer refused to listen to Gordon's advice, ran out of water on Gordon's Hill and Gordon had to pull him from there. In the tenth series, he, along with Sam, criticised Rocky when the big crane first arrived on Sodor and called him "new-fangled nonsense". Afterwards, when he crashed into Edward's pipes, which had fallen off his flatbeds, he derailed. Rocky came and lifted him back onto the rails and cleared the pipes, proving how useful he is.

After Richard coated herself in honey and produce, Gordon found himself with an uncontrollable urge to laugh. He kept it suppressed and hidden to keep his reputation until Sir Topham Hatt told him it was alright.

Gordon once tried taking a shortcut in order to beat Stanley to Great Waterton, but accidentally crashed into Ben's log flatbeds. Luckily, Gordon was able to save Stanley from crashing into them on the track below.

One winter, he and with the rest of the Main Line fleet had to find places to sleep when the turntable at Tidmouth Sheds was frozen. Gordon decided to sleep there, in the one accessible berth, resulting in him getting stuck in there the next morning and remaining there for the rest of the day. He has since become a more sensible engine.

Once, Gordon was waiting at Kellsthorpe Road Station while a workman was painting a telephone box on the other platform. But the man accidentally kicked his paint can onto the track next to him, just as Pip and Emma raced through the station, splattering red paint all over Gordon. When Henry saw red spots all over Gordon, he assumed the blue engine had chicken pox. Later, as he was filling up with water, he told Philip to get on with his work and keep out of his way. He explained to Philip that he pulls the express and is very fast. As Gordon returned to Knapford with the express, Philip reversed back to the station as Gordon braked hard and told him that he nearly caused an accident. As he was resting in the yard, Philip challenged Gordon to a race and started to race away, but Gordon went back to resting instead of racing him. That night, Gordon was not very happy and decided to show Philip how fast he could go the next day and told him to have another race.

In the twentieth series, Gordon was not ready to leave the sheds as his firebox had not been cleaned out the night before. This led to Richard pulling the express in his place and Gordon being made to pull Richard's goods trains (to Gordon's annoyance). After some time of pulling goods trains, Gordon soon had to deal with some Troublesome Trucks. This ended up with Gordon having enough and went to the shed to sulk. This led to Sir Topham Hatt scolding him for not completing his jobs and made him pull the Flying Kipper in Henry's place (or Henry would continue pulling the express instead of Gordon). Henry and Rebecca teased him about it not being an easy job, but Gordon was determined to prove them wrong and left the sheds to pull the Flying Kipper. As he returned to the sheds next morning, the Fat Controller praised him for successfully delivering the Kipper on time and told him that he could now go back to being the express engine again much to Gordon's delight. When the other engines noticed how smelly he was after pulling the Flying Kipper, he quickly went to the washdown whilst the other engines laughed.

In The Great Race, Gordon introduced Thomas to his brother, the Flying Scotsman, at Vicarstown and later teased Thomas for wanting to compete in the Great Railway Show, believing that he is too small to compete. Gordon was selected by the Fat Controller to participate in the Great Race and was temporarily streamlined for the event. However, he refused to undergo the final safety checks which led to the workmen forgetting to attach his safety valve. Thomas brought it to the Mainland and tried to warn Gordon, but he competed in the race without it and his boiler exploded when he refused to heed Thomas and Flying Scotsman's warnings. Gordon had to drop out of the race as a result. After the Great Railway Show was over and all of the foreign engines (except for Ashima) had gone home, Gordon met up with Flying Scotsman, who admitted that his opinion on Sudrian engines has improved significantly since the race.

In the twenty-first series, he and Spencer loved to race to see who is the fastest while Pip and Emma are at the DieselWorks. However, their boasting about led to Gordon saying that he is an important engine, as he started at Platform 1. Spencer then went to platform one and made Gordon move to Platform 2, where Spencer was supposed to be going to. Then, Thomas and Philip shunted Gordon and Spencer's coaches to them. Unfortunately, the coaches ended up for the wrong engines as the two were on the wrong platforms. This led to a mix up and the two both set off without realising that they had the wrong coaches. After they raced along the main line, Gordon stopped at Wellsworth with Spencer's Coaches while Spencer thundered down with the express and he realised that Spencer got the wrong express coaches and chased after him all the way to Callan Castle. This upset the passengers because of how they missed their stops and they did not realise that they had the wrong coaches that they shunted on the platform for the first place. There, Gordon and Spencer took the passengers to the right stations and returned to Knapford and apologised to each other as they watched the fireworks all together. Gordon also teased Philip about his number 68 painted on his sides and after sixty-eight sheep ran onto the track, Philip saved him from the sheep blocking the main line.


UK voice actor

US voice actor

Other voice actors

  • Neil Crone (2000; Thomas and the Magic Railroad)
  • Stephen Donald (2001; UK; Railway Adventures)
  • Rob Rackstraw (2020; Thomas' Magical Birthday Wishes)

Thomas and the Magic Railroad


Gordon in Thomas and the Magic Railroad

In the film, Gordon complained to Thomas, who was late. Thomas retorted that Gordon was being bossy and told him that he had to find Mr. Conductor, who was coming to visit Sodor to look after the North Western Railway while Sir Topham Hatt was taking a holiday. Gordon thought Mr. Conductor was not needed until Diesel 10 sped through past him and Thomas at Killaban. Later, he, James and Thomas argued about who should have taken Mr. Conductor and retorted that James is a big engine and Thomas is a small blue engine. At a meeting between the steam engines (minus Percy), he insisted that he was immune to Diesel 10's bullying due to his size, but Toby reminded him that Diesel 10 was a threat to even Gordon. He had no further dialogue in the movie (except for a brief chuckle when Diesel 10 is covered in coal), but throughout the rest of the film he appeared pulling the express on the main line.


Gordon's important position as the engine who pulls the Express has made him proud, pompous, arrogant, stubborn, prideful and self-important, with a good reason too; he is the fastest steam engine on Sodor. He is extremely proud of this and is inclined to boast. But despite his pompousness, he is goodhearted, always willing to forgive and uses his superior strength to help smaller engines out of trouble. Though he is also vengeful and will plot retribution if he feels he has been sufficiently slighted, as mentioned before he is happy to forgive especially after he has either had his retribution or the individual has received some other comeuppance. He also has a great hatred of goods trains and believes that he should only pull coaches. Because of his rank in the social order of the North Western Railway, Gordon expects to get the important passenger jobs and either he sulks when he does not get what he wants, or gets jealous of engines who do.

Gordon is rude and egotistical more often than not, especially towards smaller engines like Thomas or Percy. Despite this, he has helped them on a few occasions and does not necessarily dislike them. He can also be rude to older and more weaker engines like Edward. But following misadventures where Edward had to help him, Gordon readily acknowledged that (despite being old) Edward is still a very useful engine. However, Gordon still sometimes doubts Edward is still reliable; he did not believe Edward could win a race against Spencer as he is only a "back engine" and a "waste of steam" and even outright saying he was worthless and calling for him to be scrapped. He soon stopped belittling Edward for good after being tricked by Albert; he learnt his lesson and apologised to Edward, saying that he promised not to call him old or unreliable anymore. Despite the way that he mistreats Edward sometimes, deep down, Gordon cares a great deal about him and the other engines on the railway. This was especially shown when he was very upset after he learnt that Edward and Henry moved out of Tidmouth Sheds to sleep elsewhere for their own reasons, thus indicating how much he missed them. He appears to have a hard time accepting change, but with help from his friends (and Nia), he is able to pull through it.

Sometimes, Gordon shows a kinder side and gives the engines some advice, usually after he has had some mishap as a result of his foolhardiness. Some of his advice is not exactly helpful or honest, though, as James, Percy and Sir Handel have discovered. This side resurfaced once Rebecca joined the North Western Railway. But this time, Gordon realised himself that he was wrong to do so, especially when he ended up smashing through a set of buffers. With Edward gone, Gordon has often found himself acting as the other engines' father figure. His pompous attitude often makes this a difficult role, but he eventually matured enough to give some meaningful advice which actually helps others.

Since the twentieth series, Gordon has developed a tendency to pin his own faults on others. This was shown when he blamed Richard over having to do his jobs for the day and vice-versa, even though his lateness was what led to the change in the first place. When he and the rest of the Steam Team got in trouble for refusing to leave the shed at night, believing there was a ghost train about (which was actually Henry with a coat of luminous paint), he once again blamed Henry unfairly for the predicament.

Despite being labelled as one of Sir Topham Hatt's more sensible engines, he can act senseless if prompted, which is quite often. Because of his reputation, he has a fear of being found out, and often tries to refrain from acting less than serious. Much like James, Gordon can be highly opinionated on an engine's character; he remained mistrustful of Sonny due to his role in Kenji's runaway and the theft of the plans for Ruth's Hover-Car in spite of Sonny having switched sides, due to the well-tank engine being owned by the crooks in the first place. Eventually he learnt from Thomas that he did not mean to be involved, but he still refused to believe that Sonny left the lifestyle of a thief until much later. Gordon is also very posh and egotistical, and Thomas to be undignified wearing a monkey costume, while others saw him as funny-looking. Despite this, he does have moral standards, as he chose to give Henry his special coal back instead of using it to break his own record.

Whenever he meets and talks with Henry and James, Gordon is usually the one who directs the conversation and makes the decisions, making him the leader of sorts of the three big engines.

Technical Details


According to The Island of Sodor: Its People, History and Railways, Gordon is the experimental prototype for Sir Nigel Gresley's A1 Pacific design for the Great Northern Railway. Gordon was built at Doncaster Works in Yorkshire. Once the first batch of A1 Pacifics appeared in 1922 Gordon would have more than likely have been reclassified A1/1 indicating he is a slight deviation from the "standard" A1 design.

Gordon, being an experimental engine, never received a number and was never put into regular traffic; he was only ever used on test runs. Owing to various problems, Gordon was rebuilt in 1939 at Crewe. Sir Topham Hatt and Sir William Stanier worked together to rectify these problems - everything under the running board is of Stanier's design while the running board itself is that of Sir Topham Hatt's. His middle piston and conjugated valve gear were removed, and his eight wheel tender was replaced with one of lower capacity for Sudrian trains. In both the Railway Series and television series, Gordon is depicted with a Fowler tender, though in the latter, his tender is differently design from those of Edward and James, as it features a cutout in the back that accommodates his filler cap.

His valve gear is similar to that of the London, Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) Stanier Pacifics in the illustrations, but in the television series, he and Henry share the same valve gear.

According to his Meet the Contenders video, Gordon is an LNER A3 Pacific in the television series, just like Flying Scotsman and his other siblings. This however is incorrect.

As the "Shooting Star", Gordon's appearance is based on a streamlined Pennsylvania Railroad K4 (Hank's basis), more specifically #3768.


Gordon is painted in NWR bright blue with red and yellow lining. His number 4 is painted on the sides of his tender in yellow with red lining and the lining around his cab windows is yellow. In some illustrations of the Railway Series, he has a golden builder's plate on the side of his cab.

Before arriving on Sodor, he was painted in GNR apple green with white and black lining. In a magazine file fact, Gordon was incorrectly painted in NWR apple green.

In the sixteenth series episode, Bust My Buffers!, while his buffer beam was being repaired, Gordon received a buffer beam painted in yellow and black hazard stripes, similar to Den's.

In The Great Race, in his streamlined form, Gordon was painted in a lighter shade of NWR bright blue with silver, red and dark blue lining instead. His number 4 was still painted on the sides of his tender in yellow but instead was smaller and surrounded by a dark blue circle.


The Railway Series

Companion Volumes


  • Gordon was named after a rude boy who lived on the Awdry's street when Christopher was a child, but the boy did not have the same personality.
  • One of Gordon's models is on display at the Hara Model Railway Museum and is wearing his concerned face mask. It had previously been on display at Nitrogen Studios.
  • The Halloween Engine in the eighth series episode, Halloween, was recycled from one of Gordon's scrap models.
  • Gordon's sad face mask is used as a basis for Boulder's face.
  • In the Greek narration of the Model Series, Gordon is called Johnny. From the thirteenth series onwards, Gordon has been referred to with his original name.
  • According to the Rev. W. Awdry in the book The Thomas the Tank Engine Man, the reason why Gordon has square buffers is because not long after he got his new safety valve following the events of The Three Railway Engines, he was showing it off and not paying attention to his surroundings. He crashed into the end of the "Big Station" at Tidmouth, damaging his buffers and had to go to the Works to have them replaced. The only buffers available were long, square ones, which Gordon despised at first, but soon got used to them and became proud of being the only engine on the railway with square buffers. Then Henry had a similar incident to Gordon and got square buffers himself (explaining the illustration error in "Thomas and the Guard"), now the subject of buffers offends Gordon greatly when mentioned to him.
  • As of Big World! Big Adventures! and the seventh series, Gordon is one of the four remaining engines from the Railway Series to be part of the Main Line fleet and Gordon and Frieda are the only members of the Main Line fleet to be the exact same colour.
  • As of the CGI series, Gordon's catchphrases are "Oh, the indignity" and "Express coming through".
  • He is the only engine to have streamlining coated over him although it was later removed.
  • Gordon, Henry, Thomas and James are the only engines to appear in every special. The latter three, however, are the only ones to speak in every special.
  • Gordon's normal whistle sound was reused for a few different engines:
    • Edward had Gordon's whistle sound in The Great Festival Adventure.
    • Henry had Gordon's whistle sound in the eighth series episode Edward the Great.
    • Emily had Gordon's whistle sound in the short version of Sounds and the eighth series Learning Segment, Surprise Destination.
    • James had Gordon's whistle sound in the early version of Guess Who? Puzzles.
    • Rosie had Gordon's whistle sound at Tidmouth Sheds Drayton Manor Theme Park since 2014, however her normal whistle sound can be heard when Every Cloud has a Sliver Lining still plays.
    • Victor had Gordon's whistle sound in Don't Bother Victor in the mobile app, Read and Play!.
  • In the magazines "The Fat Controller's Engine Fact File", it is stated that Gordon and Spencer are cousins. This was never mentioned in the show, however; Spencer simply refers to Gordon as a friend.
  • Gordon was one of the two engines featured on a poster for the North Western Railway. The other engine was Thomas.
  • Gordon's whistle is a deeper toned version of Henry's.
  • In a 2020 Australian Red Nose Day advertisement a child is seen playing with an Ertl toy of Gordon and 2014 My First Percy.
  • A Brio toy of Gordon makes a cameo appearance in the sixth episode of the third series of The Story Makers, "Trains".
  • In Drayton Manor Theme Park from 2008-2014, Gordon had his normal whistle sound, but in 2014, he and Rosie swapped sheds and he now incorrectly has Rosie's whistle sound, while Rosie incorrectly has his whistle sound.
  • Gordon had a total of twenty-one facial expressions during the model series era, two of which disgusted and yawning that were not used on-screen. His original face reference sheet from the twelfth series mistakenly had Henry's sad face on Face 6.
  • Gordon's broken whistle sound only heard in Whistles and Sneezes would later be used for Duck's whistle, albeit at eighteen steps lower in pitch, and in its original pitch again briefly for Thomas' whistle in a UK DVD Advert.
  • Based on information from the real life LNER A3 locomotives, Gordon's serial number and LNER number would have been No. 1535 and No. 4469 respectively.[1]


"If you were a nice tank engine, you'd be alright! Now you'll have to pull the next train backwards".
"Look! There's a new tank engine... oh, it's only Gordon back to front".
"Hullo!/Hello Playing Tank Engines? Sensible engine. Take my advice; scrap your tender and have a nice bunker!"

- Gordon jokingly mistaken for a tank engine, "Tenders and Turntables"

"Good riddance! Chatting all night keeping important engines awake, who is he anyway?"
"He's City of Truro. He's famous".
"As famous as me? Nonsense!"
"He's famouser than you. He went 100 miles an hour before you were drawn or thought of!"
"So he says. But I didn't like his looks. He's got no dome! Never trust domeless engines, they're not respectable! I never boast, But a 100 miles an hour would be easy for me! Goodbye".

- Gordon and Duck arguing about City of Truro, "Domeless Engines"

"It's not fair!"
"What isn't fair?"
"Letting branch line diesels pull main line trains!"
"Never mind, Gordon. I'm sure BoCo will let you pull his trucks/cars sometime".
"I won't pull BoCo's dirty trucks/cars! I won't run on branch lines!"
"Why not? It would be a nice change".
"The Fat Controller/Sir Topham Hatt would never approve! Branch lines are vulgar!"

- Edward and Gordon taking about branch lines, "Wrong Road", second series

"When Gordon smiles, it changes his whole face. Hehehe. It is most interesting!"

- Hiro talking about Gordon, "Hero of the Rails"

"Oh, the indignity!"
"Express coming through!"

- Two of Gordon's catchphrases throughout the series.

"Say Thomas, you remember my brother the Flying Scotsman, don't you?".

- Gordon reminding Thomas to remember Flying Scotsman, "The Great Race"

“Hello, I'm Gordon and I'm the number four blue engine. I'm the fastest and best and I pull the express.”
―Gordon's website audio

"A goods/freight train! A goods/freight train! The shame of it! The shame of it! Oh, the shame of it!"

-Edward and Gordon

"Pull yourself together, Big G."

-Gordon Gets the Giggles

“I'm not going anywhere! I'm going to stay here forever and ever.”
―Gordon to Pip and Emma, Forever and Ever, seventh series
“Down a mine, is he? Ha, ha, ha! What a joke!”
―Down the Mine


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  • Wooden Railway (normal, talking and limited edition A Better View for Gordon, Shooting Star, limited edition discontinued, Battery-Operated)
  • Take Along (normal, metallic and lights and sounds; discontinued)
  • Interactive Learning Railway (discontinued)
  • Limited Edition Collection
  • My First Thomas (discontinued)
  • Royal Hampshire (discontinued)
  • Motor Road and Rail (normal, talking, angry and Shooting Star; discontinued outside Asia)
  • TrackMaster (normal, talking, RC and greatest moments; discontinued)
  • Hornby (discontinued)
  • Bachmann
  • Tomix Trains (cancelled)
  • My Thomas Story Library (discontinued)
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  • Mini Die Cast Collection (normal and with Santa hat; discontinued)
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