Ok, so if you've seen my fanfics on my TTTE Wikia page, then you've read the original version of Gordonfan's Signature Fanfics. This is the new version, so I'm going to have different pairings for some of the characters, different family trees, and more

Enjoy! (P.S. I hope that with the help of other members like your we can make these episodes longer)GordonfanPeople wo say Thomas is for babies probably still sleep with a blanket 23:44, July 16, 2010 (UTC)

Episode #1: A New Addition (lol same title as the first episode in the original series)

Narrator: It was a beautiful morning on the island of Sodor. Hiro and Miyu going to see his friends before going home.

Hiro: Hey Thomas.

Thomas: Hiro and Miyu hey what are you two doing?

Miyu: were about to come home.

Thomas: good bye.

Narrator: When they came out of the Virgin approached.

Percy: Thomas gotta tell you something.

Thomas: What is it Percy?

Percy: Thomas'im having my mom come to visit me, now I'll tell you next will surprise you.

Thomas: And what would that be?

Percy: Well, my mom is really evil she hates almost everyone she might even hate you !!.

Thomas: WHAT ?? !!

Percy: you'd better be careful Thomas!

Thomas: alright!

Lady: she beat James up yesterday!

Thomas: that's terrible!

Percy: im warning don't be silly when she's around

Thomas: alright!

Narrator: Later, Miyu was having a horrible pain boiler

Miyu: owwwww !!!!!

Hiro: What's wrong?

Miyu: I've been having a pain boiler for days !!!!

Hiro: affected your work?

Miyu: Yes, it has.

Narrator: After two a bigger engine that looked like Percy except with a grumpy face stopped next to them.

Percy's Mom : GET OUT OF MY WAY!

Miyu: Call The Police!.

Hiro: yeah!

Percy: Mom be nice!

Percy's Mom: Shut Up you stupid son!

Percy: if you say that again i will slam you to the floor!

Percy's Mom: i hate you Percy your not my son!. (lifts Percy up and throws in very far

Thomas" don't worry Percy i'll catch you! (grabs Percy and kisses him)

Percy: thank you Thomas!

Percy's Mom: HOW DARE YOU BRING OTHER ENGINES TO YOUR HOUSE! (grabs Thomas by the neck and roars in his face)

Thomas: your were right Percy! (face turns red with anger) Miss Pumpkin Head let go of me Percy is my friends no you if you dpmn't let go of my neck i will (frees himself from the neck and grabs Percy's Mom's neck and pulls out an eyeball)


Percy: Good Job Thomas!

Thomas: thank you!

Percy: your really a brave engine!


Thomas: THAT WOULD SERVE YOU RIGHT (picks her up the the nose and pulls out another eyeball thenkicks her hard and scratches her face and her blood is all over the floor)

Percy: your a brave engine Thomas!

Thomas: thank you im going to attack her!

Narrator: and he showed her his teeth

Percy's Mom: THERE'S A SHARK!

Percy: that was cool he made her think you were a shark!

Thomas: well i may have never told you this but i am part shark!

Percy: Don't Bite Me!

Thomas; i won't bite you!

Narrator: then The Police arrived.

Police: we are now going to take your mom to jail Percy!

Narrator: and they electrocuted her with there guns.

Percy's Mom: OW! (falls off a deck and lands on her head)

Percy: she is dead now!

Thomas: she died but that Servers her right!

Narrator: you may no That Percy's Dad is also mean?

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