Gustavo is an electric locomotive who works on the Brazilian Railway.


While Thomas was working in Brazil, he came across Gustavo pulling his express coaches on his express line. Upon first meeting him, Thomas thought he reminded him of another engine back on Sodor. Through thrie second encounter, Thomas concluded that the electric engine reminded him of Gordon. This assumption continued when Gustavo insensitivity instructed Thomas not to travel down the express line.

But Thomas ignored his warning and eventually ran out of coal and water in front of a tunnel. And after Gustavo nearly crashed into him, he confessed that it was only to help him. Gustavo then pushed Thomas back down the line so he could be refuelled, during which the two engines made a start over with reintroducing each other and Thomas told Gustavo all about Gordon.


Gustavo is a large electric locomotive who takes great pride in pulling the express in Brazil. At first glance, he may seem like a pompous express engine like Gordon, but he is actually a very caring and cautious engine who only wants his fellow engine friends to do a good job and does his best to keep them out of harms way.


Gustavo is based on the EF-4 "Little Joe" electric engine.


Gustavo is painted royal blue, black and grey with yellow lining. He has a nameplate and the number four on his sides.

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